Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yearbook signing party!

The yearbooks finally came in!
I'm so excited to take my sister's place in the yearbook staff this year.
Everyone always says yearbook really stressful, but Mrs. Branham sounded like she wanted me to be on the Torch staff.  So I joined in, and everyone is so welcoming and congratulating me on getting in. I sort of feel like I was accepted into a whole new family.
The yearbook signing party was a blast, as usual. I love signing people's books and getting to read what my friends wrote in my book on the way back home.

This was just from the signing party! A lot of my good friends weren't there, so I still have to ask them to sign it when classes start rolling again.
For the past two years, my mug shot has looked AWFUL.
But this year was the first time I actually looked okay. Even though my hair is way longer now than it is in the picture.
And I was also interviewed early on last year.
Though it was a typo when it said high schoolers..because it supposed to say homeschoolers...which is why the dancing was so much fun. But that's okay...haha it's not like I can change it now.
CBA starts back up really soon. I'm starting to get excited again. I really wasn't looking forward to it for a while, but Thursday Classes is what helps make school go by so much faster.
And improv is going to be a really interesting class, everyone openly says that it's really awkward some times. I guess we'll see!


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