Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunrise, pumpkin carving, and a small watercolor painting

I think with every sunrise, I fall in love with the sky more and more each time.

Better late than never, we were finally able to head out to Gaver's Farm and get our pumpkins!

Britney kept taking pictures of me.....

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.

And I couldn't resist purchasing a couple gourds. 
They're so beautiful, and full of autumn colors!

Sarah and I working at the Yearbook snackbar in Study Hall at CBA two weeks ago.
She was trying to get me to do the "fierce hand thing" but I'm not interested...haha.

Yesterday I drove around a loooot.
I took Mom and Britney up to the Farmer's Market because it was an Art Guild, but it was so awkward. There was about 4 artists in the back room and they were all staring at you....I really wanted to buy a print of one lady's watercolor, but she only had the original, and understandably, it was super expensive. I wish I could've taken a picture.

And then we hit all the craft stores, and I bought my first peppermint bark of the season, because sometimes, you just have to treat yourself! 

I love Strathmore's watercolor tiles. 
I can sit down and have a small painting done in 15 minutes or less if I don't have a lot of time.

Well, this wasn't a long post.... 
I wanted it to be longer...
Mom's got pumpkin stew cooking in the oven!


P.S. I totally couldn't think of a post title...haha.