Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Break Has Begun

Knowing you and your Frozen obsession, you've probably already seen this! Haha but I thought it was cute to post anyway (:
Happy EARLY Birthday, Olivia!! =D

Whew. I haven't posted in a really long time!
Welp, I'm officially done school for the summer. And I've really been enjoying being outside and not feeling so magnetized to my computer.

I've been keeping busy though! CBA's semi-formal was two weeks ago!
I had Rachel and her sister come down from Pennsylvania to get ready at my house. 

>We're pretty normal, but one of these people might always remain a little odd.<

After Semi-Formal I had Rachel and  Dolores come back to my house for a sleep over with pizza, and chick flicks. Amanda and Noelle came as well and brought Just Dance for wii.
We played for quite a few hours.
This was our favorite dance. We couldn't stop laughing. I played the pineapple.

At the point where they turn and clap hands, I was saying "Watermelon!"
And Amanda is just like "Uhh, Bannana!!"
I laughed so hard. Probably because we were so tired.
It was a good night! And a little bit more fun than Semi-Formal itself.

I've been keeping up with my nature journal. I'm not adding to it everyday, and it's mostly flowers for now, but it's so much fun!

And this is a doodle on the back of an envelope going to a very special penpal (:
(The letter isn't finished yet, but the envelope is!)

And I'm still having fun with lettering!

A few more succulents and an inspirational quote has been added to my window sill.

And I put a teacup with birdseed in it on my window sill outside.
It's been so much fun watching birds come up to my window to get some nourishment!
One morning a blue jay landed on my window sill. I was so excited! I usually just get sparrows!
And this morning a little chipmunk came up for a visit.

Thank goodness for Summer because now I have time to read!
I just finished up "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.
I'm not really sure how I feel about the book. I don't think I recommend it.
There was more foul language than I like to slip by, so just for that factor, I don't think it's worth reading again. 
But I'm reading "Dream Treaders" By Wayne Thomas Batson (finally!)
It's super so far!

(Even though  I didn't like the book that much, it's excellent for pictures...haha)

Last week I went outside to be with Mandie (our dog) and as I made my way towards her, my heart rate jumbled as I saw a long green thing laying in the grass.
A snake!
Mom came outside when she heard me yell and said there was "red" in my voice, so she could tell something was wrong. While mom was coming out, I stood very still and held Mandie back, watching the snake's tongue flicker. I had no idea if he was dangerous or not, I just knew to stay still and move cautiously. 
Dad was away at work, but our elderly neighbor, Mr.John is a boy scout leader and was sitting on his back porch enjoying the nice morning.
Mom yelled up to him asking if he felt comfortable taking care of a snake for us.
He came down the hill with a stick that was split and jabbed it just before the snake's head and lifted the snake up. It was a Gardner it wasn't poisonous.
He took the snake up the hill to his yard and let it loose in the trees.
Hopefully it won't come back!
But to thank him for his masculine bravery, I baked an apple sauce raisin cake for Mr.John and Mrs.Brenda the following day (it's their favorite) and walked it up to them when they were on their morning walk the next day.
They were both pleased and shocked and said it was very sweet of me!

I changed my profile picture on facebook on Monday and I was blown away by 79 likes and 14 very sweet comments. We just had a church message about love languages and mine is words of affirmation, so I felt very loved after reading those comments!!

What's your love language?
Take the quiz here by clicking the gray lettering that says "Discover your love language- click here to begin"

Have fun!

I'm going to make Swedish meatballs for supper tonight.
There's a rule in this house that if you make supper, you don't have to do the dishes.

Have a great evening!!


Friday, May 9, 2014

New Things and Crazy Dreams

About a week ago my mom drove me downtown to a Firehouse Pottery building and signed me up for a 6 week course of wheel throwing! I'm so excited to try something new. I get 25 pounds of clay to work with and I get an hour or so of workshop time to come in on my own to paint what I've created. I'm told to bring a towel to throw over my lap and to wear clothes I don't care about and to have a good hand lotion waiting for me because my hands will be very dry. I can't wait to get my hands messy!
I've been wanting to create my own little bowl, or my own little mug, or even my own little flower pot!

I got a text from one of my friends on Wednesday night asking if I could go bowling the next day with her and two other friends that I know from CBA. So I had to ask my parents, but I got to go! I normally don't go for last minute, let's hang out stuff. But I was free and I hadn't gotten to see any of them for a long time.
Thursday morning I got a text from her again telling me that it was her birthday and to not feel pressured to bring a card or a gift. So...then I threw something together for her.  My mom makes natural homemade soap that she sells at farmers markets, so I put a bag of soap, a soap scrubbie my mom crocheted and homemade chapstick together for her. And made her a homemade card:

Not bad for last minute, no?
We were the only ones in the bowling alley and when we came in they put on an old fashioned "Sweet 16" song just for her! We put our bowling names down as: Sophi, Mandi, Kenzi, and Steph. Haha
Amanda and I were practically tied the whole game, we took a break halfway through our bowling game to make the time last a little longer by getting some ice cream and popcorn and joking about yearbook and how that's all going to go next year. Hey! Yeah! All four of us that were there were in yearbook together! Haha
Anyway, after our break, I lost my infinitive and had some low scores and Amanda rolled past me on the scoring board, I was very last on our very last round and got a strike! Whattt? None of us had gotten one the whole game! And when you strike, you get to roll 2 more times.
Yes. I won the bowling game. Whoooa it was intense!
And I haven't played in forever!

Do you guys like bowling?