Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tomato canning season

It's that time of the year again where the Wolfe family goes crazy about their garden full of tomatoes.
Tomatoes are a HUGE staple in all of our meals. We put them in soups, we can crushed tomatoes, we make v8 with tomatoes, we even dry tomatoes as tomato chips! (Those are my personal favorite)
Dad picked two buckets full of tomatoes tonight, so we all dug in after supper and smashed them for v8.
This little tomato reminded me of Thimbletack from the movie of The Spiderwick Chronicles...haha
See the resemblance?
The smashing in process:
Look at all of those tomatoes!
Our V8 supply:
Crushed tomatoes:

We don't have a supply of dried tomatoes yet.
Those are fun to make though!
We cut them up and place them in our dehydrator, then once they're dry, we place them in a mason jar and screw on a lid and finally we vacuum seal it with our jar sealer adapter to our vacuum sealer, and they stay nice and dry.
I love tomatoes. They're probably my most favorite thing in our garden.

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