Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Long - Expected Return

I kinda got a heads up a couple days ago that I haven't posted in a while from a darling influence in my life.
My heart becomes heavy with this knowledge that I have left my blog to shrivel up and suffer while I blossom in my Instagram art account. 
But with a week off of CBA, I feel a little bit of freedom softening my heart to come back and water the roots from which my online endeavors began.
(I love how dramatic this is getting)

Shall we begin again with my 17th Birthday?

Church was cancelled and snow fell from heavy clouds unleashing their burden on our lawn.
Pleased was I, as I got to stay in my sweatpants all day.
Which.....I kinda do almost everyday anyway.
But still!
One of my favorite things.
While event planning for my birthday, I tried to go to an art museum, but dad didn't want to go to Washington D.C. so then I tried to find a local theater play, which were all sold out, and then tried to find a reasonable movie in the theater, with no luck, so last resort- Walmart's movie section. Haha.
We watched 'Guardians of the Galaxy', I found it kind of hard to follow, but I liked Groot.
They also got me 'Dolphin Tale 2' but didn't want to watch it with me. (Thanks guys..)

Britney got me a gorgeous fox she found in the AcMoore decor section.
And I also got a Himalayan salt lamp, which cleans the air naturally, and I love the soft orange glow.

I've picked up 'Lord of the Rings' as my challenge this year.
I found a copy at the Thrift Shop a couple weeks ago.
Yes, I already own a couple copies, but they're very nice editions...I wanted one I could toss in a bag whenever we hit the rode somewhere, without having to worry about damaging it.

I've pulled our wooden rocking chair in front of the wood stove when I take it downstairs to read in the evening. It's the most wonderful setting I've ever had while reading.
I don't know why I haven't tried it before now.

I've also played around with making 'Book Tails' and bookmarks.

And keychains.

I'm learning!
My hopes is to set up a custom dog tag section of our Farmer's Market table in the Spring.

Don't you just love the Argonath bookends?
It was the most agonizing item I've ever purchased in my life.
Ebay bids.
Sweat beading.
But I made it! 
Turns out they're extremely rare because Weta  sold them for a very short time.
Rare is a word that causes a craze in the hearts of men.

Oh, do you like the golden head guy? 
I just got him at the Thrift shop for 50 cents....
I thought he might look nice in a still-life painting in the future...haha.

Ooh! And my banner! Do you like it?
I made it yesterday!
I didn't even follow a tutorial.
I found a floral shirt I was giving away, some burlap, and ribbon and cut triangles and sewed them together.
Such fun!

Art gallery:

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Yay! I made a post!

For the first time in forever!