Friday, August 23, 2013

Acomplishments, surprise meal, and small income ideas

     There are pros and cons of school being back in. A pro is that I get my school work done and then I get to things I've been wanting to get to. Tuesday night, I syphoned and cleaned my aquariums and poured in new water in for my fish, then I cut up about 15 tomatoes and put them in the dehydrator. I also went back to my room and got out two of my necklaces that broke and super glued them back together, and even with all that done, I still had time to watch a Robin Hood episode!

      During school Wednesday, Nana stopped by for some leftover tomatoes. Just as she was getting up to go out the door she turned around and asked if we would like to join her and Aunt Esther for lunch at Burger King.  I hadn't seen Great Aunt Esther in forever! I wasn't done school just yet...but we decided to go anyway. We drove separately, that way Nana wouldn't have to drop us back off when she went back home. Mom suggested that I ride with Nana to Burger King and that Britney and mom would meet me there. Nana and I talked about my painting class the whole way there.
     We had such a fun time catching up with each other while we ate! Mom had taken a picture of my Nature's Edge painting and sent it to Nana, and from there Nana forwarded it to Aunt Esther, so Aunt Esther gave me compliments on that as well.
  Somehow, near the end of our meal, I had ended up with Nana's phone and Britney had ended up with Aunt Esther's phone. That's usually how our conversations end up with Nana, helping her out with her phone near the end of her visit. It's always fun to watch them laugh while they watch us in confusion of what we're doing.

     Once we got back home,  I dove right back into my remaining school subjects and was done in about a half hour. There was two things I really wanted to accomplish. Find out how to purchase Son of Sobek (a digital book), how to read it on my computer instead of my mom's Nook, and figure out how to fix my Studio Works for yearbook.
Son of Sobek is a short story that Rick Riordan came out with about two or three months ago and I haven't been able to read it because I've been waiting for it to come out in book form. A couple days ago Rick posted on facebook that he will not be publishing the Son of Sobek because it's too short of a book to be published and would cost too much to do it. So, I decided I should still be able to read it, so I finally just bought it. It was only $2. But it really wasn't that long either....maybe 12 pages at the most. But it was a nice short afternoon reading. I'm working on typing it up and printing it so I can put it on my bookshelf with the rest of his books.
I called Britney to come help me with Studio Works. It's kind of helpful that she had taken yearbook for three years already, so she knew the site better than I did.
It took about a half hour, but we uninstalled my Java and reinstalled it, she pressed a couple buttons and my Studio Works opened up! I'm so glad, because if it wasn't fixed, one of the guys from yearbooks staff probably would have fixed it. And it just makes me uncomfortable to have a guy on my computer for some reason. I'm relieved  to not have to worry about that anymore! The yearbook workshop is next Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a yearbook theme idea that I think has a pretty good chance of getting published. We shall see....
I don't want to say what it is yet, just incase it doesn't end up working out.

I finished school yesterday around 11am! I was so thrilled. That was the earliest I had completed school all week! We decided to go up to the craft stores after school. We had to go up to Frederick anyway because there was two Bob Ross dvds on hold for me at the Urbana library. We went to Ac Moore first. I took mom to the card and stamping section first and showed her blank cards. There was a 50 blank card set with envelopes that was only $5, so mom got that for me. Also, right above the blank card section was a waterbrush! I had been looking for one a couple weeks ago in Ac Moore! It's such a cool product that I was even considering purchasing one off of Amazon. It was $10....but I used my 40% off coupon on it and that made the price more reasonable.
I also bought a chain for my Evenstar necklace (Arwen's necklace from Lord of the Rings) I got the necklace last year for Christmas, but the chain just wasn't very elegant. And Britney has been buying these $1 chains for the necklaces that she's been making, so I decided to get one. Hopefully it will work! At Michaels I got 50 blank bookmarks for $3 and a portfolio. I've been needing to get a portfolio for my artwork really bad. I have my original pieces just laying everywhere in my room, and I want to be able to protect them from the possibility of an aquarium leaking, or being sat on or ripped and damaged.

Do you want to know why I got blank cards and blank bookmarks?
Why to get some small income at our flea markets of course!
We're going to a flea market next week and we're going to have a table for our soaps and Britney's going to take about as many necklaces as she can make in a week's amount of time and sell them for $16 each. So I decided, why can't I make a little bit of money too?
I'm going to sell card sets of 5 for $12 and bookmarks for $2 each.
I've already made a set of cards. I did it last night during a documentary film for school.
I was looking on Etsy and I noticed that most of the cards on there are Letterpressed. What ever that means.....but there were hardly any hand drawn cards.
I hope it brings me some small income eventually!
     Dad was going to take all of us to a Frederick Keys baseball game tonight, but it was raining when he got home and we weren't too sure about going, though the Key's facebook page said they were still on.
But dad still wanted to do something, and mom suggested a movie.
We never go to the movies, so I was surprised mom suggested it.
This year I've actually seen a couple movies in theater, which is really strange.
I saw the Hobbit an unexpected journey, Ironman 3, Epic, Star Trek into darkness, the Lone Ranger, and now tonight we went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.
We went to Chick-fil-a before the movie for supper. I love that place!
I've really been wanted to check out how the director handled this one since they changed directors from the first movie. The first movie was just terrible. The Sea of Monsters was actually pretty good. I can't complain besides the fact that they really squished everything in and it seemed rushed at times. And some of the acting didn't seem like there was passion behind it.
But if they come out with a third one, I'd check that out too!
I was so excited that we went to see it. I've been wanting to watch it, but knowing it will never happen because the movie tickets are at the crazy high price of $12 per person.
A movie date used to be such a cute thing. But paying $24 to take your girlfriend out to a movie just doesn't sound as simple and relaxing as it used to.
Anyway, as Britney and I walked out of the theater after all the credits (mom and dad had already gone out), there were two workers by the trash can getting ready to clean the theater.
One of them did a head bob and I thought he looked kind of familiar, but I resisted eye contact.
A couple minutes later, we were still standing in the hallway talking about the movie and Eric, a guy from our old church came around the corner with a theater uniform. We both kind of stared at each other for a few seconds, then I smiled and waved. I knew he seemed familiar! I just hadn't seen him in forever and didn't recognize him with facial hair.
It was nice to see him...I never really talked to him much, but he knew my dad pretty well.
So he came over to talk with dad a little bit.
He's going to FCC this year, the same community college that Britney is going to.
That would be cool if they could be friends.

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