Sunday, August 18, 2013

Painting Class- Nature's Edge

Today was every bit amazing as I thought it would be!
We left home around 8:30 and got to Hobby Lobby 15 minutes before class started at 10. So it's a pretty long drive to get there.
It was a small class- but Mrs.Powell liked it that way, so then she could spend more one-on-one time helping each of us along with our painting. And I liked it that way as well.
She told us that her class before this was a full house with 12 students. So it's really unpredictable how many students she's going to get each time.
She goes on a two week break after this class though. And I don't think I'll be able to do a painting in September. But I definitely know which one I want to take in October! It's one with gorgeous mountains and a night sky with a moon high in the clouds.
I had so much fun painting today. I didn't think it would really take 5 hours because Bob Ross can whip up a painting in about half an hour, but my painting took just about every single minute of those five hours.
Rachel came down to do the painting at Hobby Lobby with me, so that was fun. Mom came back around 12pm with a meal for the both of us. Break time was just at the perfect time, where you were tired of painting but you still wanted to go on, but you just needed to step away from it for a little while. Mrs.Powell, Woody and Vicky- she's a painter that comes every Saturday to Mrs.Powell's classes and has done over a 100 paintings with her! Vicky also runs Barbara's website- sat at a table in the back and shared their lunches. Rachel and I shared a lunch closer to the front of the class room and while we ate in silence, we eavesdropped on them eating in the back. We couldn't help getting red in the face and bursting out laughing at one point when we overheard Vicky telling Woody and Mrs.Powell that there was a cat with rabies that scratched someone. I don't know if it was from the tension of being at a new place, or the stress of a painting, but it felt so good to laugh even over something that really wasn't that funny! I haven't laughed like that in so long- I was hardly able to breathe and I knew my face was super red!

When we got back to our painting it was time to put the cabin in- Mrs.Powell came around and helped both Rachel and I figure out how to hold our palate knives to make a cabin. It was sort of difficult to learn something's because she's left handed and I'm right handed, so she holds some of her tools differently than I do. Once we got around to the roof, she showed us how to make a marbled paint to put on top. We were supposed to just let it slide on the painting, but I just dabbed it several times and it made a very cute shingle look on the roofing. Mrs.Powell came around to check on my painting and was impressed. She thought it was very cute and said "I'm going to steal your idea, Stephanie!" I felt quite honored.

I just love that no matter where I tend to go to learn something, I easily click with the teachers and the other students. Adults sometimes seem much easier to talk to than teenagers.

Woody sat in the back of the class room the entire time and he was impressed with my painting as well. He would often call me back to see it from the back of the room. He called Mrs.Powell back at one point, and even though he tried to whisper, he was quite audible even to the front of the class room and he whispered "Stephanie's is very good" and she answered back in an admirable tone "I know."  I almost felt embarrassed that everyone kept looking at my painting. Even Vicky was impressed with it.

They told me that they hope I come back, and I'm definitely planning on it!

Here it is!
And this was all of ours: The one on the left is Rachel's, the middle one is mine and the one on the right it Vicky's.
I'm so ready to do another painting now!

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