Saturday, August 3, 2013

Seeing God- even in my silly ways of life

 So last night when we went back up to Frederick to return the easel, I was reading an "Oil painting for the absolute beginner" on the ride, and I came across the easel section in the book and read about the wooden student easel (which I purchased the other day) it read "Although this economical easel looks adequate you may be disappointed if you use it. Flimsy and lacking a top bracket to hold the painting, this easel is not very practical." (If only I had read that tip before I purchased the student easel)
We walked back in the store to look at their other easels they had for sale. The only one that is even remotely in my price range was $80 (with a 50% off coupon- it would only be $40). But mom didn't have that much money, and neither did I. And the sale ended Saturday. But dad talked to me outside of the store while mom stayed inside with Britney while she checked out her items at the register and he said "I'll give you a $20 and you can pay the rest including tax. Just come up here tomorrow and come get it." I was in complete shock! Dad was offering me money? That was new.
And that's what we did! Dad went off to a middle school mission trip this morning with church, he's been the leader for the past 4 years and is still the leader this year. I hope he's having a good time!
Before he left, he gave me the $20 and I thanked him for it.
We went to Ac Moore and I got the easel off the shelf and headed to the check out. The lady in front of us was getting a canvas and it was gigantic! The register worker had the manager come over because she had a question about the coupon. The lady in front of us had a Michael's coupon, and the worker felt a little bad pointing that out. So when the manager came over she asked him if they accepted competitor coupons. And the lady started laughing and said "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" It was kind of funny.
But it was helpful that the manager stayed there when I proceeded to the check out, because if he wasn't there I don't think the check out would have had the same outcome.
She rung up my easel and I handed her the 50% off coupon and she said "I'm sorry, but this item is already on sale." See, at these craft stores, if an item is already on sale,  you can't use a coupon with it. But there wasn't a sign anywhere back there that said that my easel was on sale! So my mom and I told her that and the manager went back to check. When he came back, he tapped a few buttons on the computer and gave us the rest of  the percentage off because there wasn't a sign back there. "That should help you out a little bit." we thanked him. He said they wouldn't normally do anything like that, but since the sign wasn't out there, then he was just being nice.
I knew I liked that store!
That was so crazy. An easel that would have been $80, went down to $52 from a sale that wasn't advertised and went even further down to $42 from a very nice manager.
God was definitely there. And there must be some amazing artwork that he wants me to make with that easel.

After we finished up at Ac Moore we stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and ate our meal at the church we clean. Britney and I went downstairs to start cleaning in the basement and I saw a wasp bees nest through the window downstairs. It was soo cool to be able to watch them work  from the safety of the window. There was a spider's web right above their nest and there was a centipede stuck in the web. It looked so cute and innocent with all it's little feet sticking up in the air. I went outside and tried to free him from the web. Dumbest idea I've ever made in my life. Duh, the bees nest! Of course I accidently hit the bees nest with the stick I was using to free the centipede and two wasps came flying at my face and amazing speed and aim! They knew exactly where to go without even a second going by. One wasp got very very close to my face and almost got me, but again, somehow God was there for me and I turned away at the right moment, if I hadn't, it would have stung me in the face. I ran for a short distance because that same wasp followed me and got in my hair. As soon as I knew it was free, I went back inside.

It's funny. Small, innocent things, such as saving a centipede can turn very bad in a few seconds time if there's a bees nest around.
I kept reflecting on my near-stung experience all day for some reason. I was in shock for quite some time too. It was very scary for me. Thank you, God for protecting me!

If you haven't watched the movie Epic, I think you should! It has a very interesting concept that insects move in a faster speed than humans and they see us going in slow motion, such as why the bee was able to get to me so fast and why I was so close to getting stung. I'm really wondering if that theory is true. It seems pretty accurate if you ask me.

Well, I'm going to assemble my easel. I hope it's much better than my other one!

Edit: I am very pleased with my new easel! I think it's absolutely perfect! (And it should be...for being an $80 product!)


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