Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is the school week over yet?

Seriously though! School just started and I'm already ready for Christmas break. Or even just a weekend. A weekend would be super nice right now.

I remember falling asleep Sunday night and thinking "I'm just not mentally prepared for school to start tomorrow." And I've found out that it's really not good to not be mentally prepared for school because then you get headaches and you don't feel renewed to go back into school mode.

I'm not off to a good start mentally, but I've been doing good in my school work. But it's just that my mind keeps drifting off to other places. I'm still high on summer mode.

I asked for a ten minute break after math (my first subject) and with permission granted, I did what any other country girl would do when she gets a break, I went down to the garden and filled up a bucket of tomatoes to get crushed for v8. And I willingly did this. I just don't feel like sitting behind a desk half of my day just yet. *sigh* I keep telling myself that it will all be okay once CBA starts on September 12th. But that just adds even more to my school schedule.

Just three more days and I achieve a weekend. Whoopie!


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