Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flea Market treasures

There's nothing better than waking up to the sight of the stars and the brilliant toe nail shaped moon filling the night sky with it's light. I was up and awake this morning at 5am. Mom let me take Mandie on a short walk to our stop sign and back so she would settle down and go to bed. I couldn't tear my eyes away from looking at the moon. It was so gorgeous.

Aunt B's Simply Homemade had a shop at a huge flea market today. (Aka my mom's soap selling business) I put some of my hand drawn cards and bookmarks out today for sale....lots of people picked them up and commented on how adorable they are...but nobody purchased any today. I have reasonable prices....5 card set-$12, single card-$3, and bookmarks-$2 each.
I would put up pictures.....but I don't feel like going too public with them yet. I have some really cute one's for sale though!
Dad gave both Britney and I a $20 each to spend. Which was really unusual because dad never gives us money just to spend.
I got a Christmas present for mom and a Christmas present for Britney! I'm starting early this year, haha.

And I got some really good deals today! There was this lovely jewelry place Britney and I stopped by. The starfish earrings and necklace was a set for $12...I wasn't able to afford it, so I was putting it back and the lady told me that the summer jewelry was half off. It was only $6? What? I picked it back up and bought it! I have constantly been searching for reasonably priced starfish earrings on etsy with no luck. I simply had to get it! Along with the anchor earrings! I've been searching for those as well.
Britney pointed out this Chinese calligraphy set to me, I had bought one from a thrift shop before for $2. The man running the table told me he would give me a good deal for it, I was interested, so I asked how much and he said $5. $5? Another good deal! I couldn't let it pass by! I bought it eagerly as well.
And finally I got two books, one book was from a table where all the proceeds went towards animal rescue, so I absolutely had to purchase something there to help out the animals!
A teenage guy around my age was selling the Lord of the Rings game. I think he was shocked that I had a PlayStation and that I enjoyed Lord of the Rings. For some reason it's lots of fun to fight people on PlayStation....not that I play it much any more. Our PlayStation was a hand-me-down Christmas present from my older cousin, Kurtis.
And lastly, a switchblade knife for whittling. I remember during camping with my youth group that everybody had a sharp knife and whittled sticks around the campfire in the evening. I only had a small and dull pocket knife. This was only a dollar and I'm totally taking it camping next year!

I love flea markets!

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