Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Most Recent Creations

This was for my art class, it's a fast/ slow drawing, where you get the basic shape of the object down in watercolor in 2 minutes, and then go back over it with ink catching the details.

This was also for art class, where we found a leaf that had the shape of something in it, and then put it in 2 to 4 steps of the leaf morphing into something else. I chose to do only 2 steps because I saw the hummingbird from the beginning.

 And I did this the day before Thanksgiving for fun. 

My flatbread went over well for Thanksgiving dessert, my Uncle even asked about the recipe and asked if he could take some home.

And I've really felt like doing Christmas art lately. It's so much fun! This is a painting I did on wood.

And this was done in my favorite medium, watercolor. This was seriously so much fun to paint!

Church doodles, because our regular pastor wasn't preaching.

This is my practice piece for my art assignment that's due tomorrow.

More detail on the sled dogs...

The actual piece. It's way bigger than it looks.

I originally wanted the northern lights on my sled dog piece, but the effect didn't work, except for on this piece of practice paper.

Christmas decorations are all through the house, and the tree in my room is up,  and my stack of Christmas presents to give to my family is beginning to pile up in my closet. All the secrecy and pretty lights, and a lighter jump in my step, and the thrill in my heart reminds me that it's really starting to look like Christmas time.

Well, I'm going on my youth group's 
"Fall" retreat this weekend... I hope I'll have fun. 
We shall see!