Thursday, October 30, 2014

Luna the Firefly- A children's story written and illustrated by Stephanie Wolfe

Here's my children's story that's due today in Responding to Literature!

On a cliff, by the sea, there stood a lighthouse, a fortress, a guardian of the sea.

Norman lived there and was the light keeper. Every single night with all his might he would turn on the lighthouse light.

Norman the light keeper would do this in order to save ships from crashing into the cliff rocks at night. 

"I wish I was a lighthouse." Luna told her friend, Flicker as they watched the lighthouse light flick on for the night.

"That's ridiculous, Luna." Flicker said back. "Your light isn't bright enough." Luna felt sad, her antennas and wings drooped in dismay.

One night later. THBAMM!
Luna woke up to a loud thunder clap and a heavy rain. It was getting dark out and the lighthouse light wasn't shining. Luna spotted a ship edging towards the horizon.

"Oh dear, Oh dear!" Norman the light keeper exclaimed. Norman couldn't figure out why the light wasn't working. He threw on his raincoat and grabbed some firewood in hopes of creating something like a beacon, but the wood was too wet. It was no use.

Luna gathered all the local fireflies together and explained what was happening and told them her plan. "But I can't do it alone. Will you help me?"

Together, the fireflies crowded the light to trick the ship into seeing the lighthouse.

And it worked! The ship turned back. Avoiding the cliff just in time.

Norman the light keeper felt red while he watched in amazement and wondered how something so small could save something so big.

Flicker gave Luna a hug. 
"I was wrong, Luna," She said. "I think you're the brightest of us all."

And here's my Mandala for Creative Drawing.

Have a wonderful Autumn day!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Praises

I love the pops of color that Autumn brings.

Especially the oranges and reds.

So lovely!

Do you want to see some puppy pictures??


Alright then.

But....she's SO cute!

She loves chewing on Indian corn husks.
And crunchy leaves.
Basically anything that can get in her mouth.
She even eats rocks.
And sticks.

But, she is really cute!

For my drawing class we were supposed to draw this Rhino with a creative flare....
and I thought of an idea Wednesday night, too late to turn in Thursday morning.
So, I handed this in, but I'm working on my creative one this week.
I don't really have to turn it in, but we'll see how it turns out!
I may not even like it....haha.
Art is like that sometimes, a perfect vision of an image in your head vs. what actually gets put on paper.

Have a wonderful Autumn day!!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Dig into the Word

Bible Question: (for school)
What would attract someone to the worship of an idol?

      For some reason, worshiping an idol underneath God just seems to grab at you and draw you in, and the temptations are like a storm in the ocean, big waves crashing over you, and you can see where the storm ends, but can't get to it. Living a life of temptation and idol worship is the path that is chosen more often, people find it more easy and fun, than trying to live and walk in Christ's footsteps, But out of that path, comes nothing good. The only path that is fruitful, is one following the Lord.

                                                       Just a bit of October writing for you!

I whipped this up last night to cool down from my long day at CBA

So grateful Driver's Ed is finished. Thursdays would get really long from being at CBA and then straight into Driver's Ed for three hours.

I made this on Monday for a dear friend of mine.
So grateful I got to give her a hug yesterday.
And I can't wait to give this to her.

Advanced Creative Drawing at  CBA has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone in art. 
I've been given challenges I haven't had to face before, but it's a great way to make me grow in this wonderful hobby.

A lot of people in class saw this and really liked it.
I don't see it....haha.
It's not really my style, soo it stretched me I guess.

I typically feel a little happy with my work if it's something about nature, I didn't really connect with the carnival one because everything in the picture is man-made.
It was still fun to play with though!

Today's the day we go pick up Holly!
How I wish the hours would go just a little bit faster.