Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, goodness, there's a lot to catch up on....

Well, first off, I finally bought my ipod!
After babysitting and dog watching, I finally made enough!
I basically just got it so I could post to my art instagram more.
It's crazy how that's pushed me along to do more art.
I'll be like "AH! oh no! I have nothing to post and it's been 5 days...*shrug* I'll just make something new"

I've gone through phases of just giving up on art, and this is the longest I've gone continuously doing it, and I know I'll continue once CBA starts back up, because I'm taking an art class!

I've been keeping up making my strawberry smoothies!
Mom said I'm going to turn into a strawberry..... =/

Did I tell you that my pottery finally came  in?
Well it did! I have 9 completed pieces.

(Excuse my screenshot from instagram... But here's some of it!)

I went along with Mug Swap this year. 
You sign up on a lady blogger's site, fill out your address, etc, she gives your address to someone, and sends you an address, but the person you're sending to doesn't know who you are until your package comes. It was a lot of fun!
I went with an apple & red theme for my swapper.
It was hard to figure out her style from her description of herself.
But it was fun! I might do it again next year.

This was from when I went up to Rachel's house.
We made index cards for each other in a trade.
I still need to redo this one so I can hang it on my own wall.

I'm sorry, but this cheese! UGH.
I finally got to try it.
I remember from my old church in VBS kids would bring in their lunches and some of them would have these little round, personal cheese wheels, and I wanted to try it so badly!
All my 16 years, I finally got to try it.
In fact, I'm going to go get one of the fridge right now.

Random photography:

(I looooove clouds)

I recently made my very own dreamcatcher!
This picture doesn't do it justice. I think it's very lovely.

And the best part is that everything was right downstairs in our craft room, except for the feathers and circle, I had to go buy them.

Oh dear...I took a selfie, on the way home from church.

I was so excited and amazed at God when I heard that dad wanted to go see the puppies.
I doodled.

I was smiling!

I can't wait to have her back in my arms.

During vacation I bonded with the hermit crabs.
I want one so bad.
But they're all stolen from the wild, they aren't breeded.
Which is why I can't support the stores that sell them.
I truly want one though.

I bonded with the little guy in the light blue.


Ocean wind= selfie probs.

Movie night!

It was such a good movie. 
Oh my goodness.
So deep.

Ocean treasures.
I never find sea glass.
I think sea glass is really pretty.

Mini crab! SO cute!

A personal favorite of mine...Mmmm.

My ocean treasures:
See my conch shell?
I found a conch shell on the beach!
That never happens!

Photos of my favorite place:

I just love it there.
And seeing the sunrise...and sunbeams through the clouds.
Absolutely lovely.

My most recent art:
Please excuse that these are screen shots!

Doing art at the beach is the best thing ever.

We had a wonderful time away!