Sunday, July 28, 2013

My favorite kind of day

    I woke up early to take a shower for church then before I got in my Sunday outfit, I  took Mandie  out on a morning walk. We're getting in quite the routine now. I'll put on my shoes while she pushes her little nose under our couch chair and pulls the leash and collar out with her mouth. She gets all excited and whines and jumps all and down while I can't help laughing while struggling to put on her collar. It's the same thing every morning. Her silly bit of excitement never ceases to make me laugh.

After I get back I showed mom what I searched up late last night on the computer. "Bob Ross painting instructor in Maryland" I came up with Barbara Powell. She teaches at a Hobby Lobby in Hagerstown! That's only about an hour away from where I live. It didn't take much for mom and dad to say yes and sign me up. They're always open to things that Britney and I get interested in that has nothing to do with the computer, and do all they can do encourage us to pursue it.
Mom signed me up for a class on August 8th( We'll be painting the Northern Lights. It's a gorgeous piece). We haven't heard back from Mrs.Powell, but I'm assuming that she takes Sundays off.
The only disappointing thing is that she only has classes on Thursdays. Once school starts (August 19th) and CBA kicks back up, I won't be able to take any more of her art classes until next Summer.
I'm really hoping this class on the 8th works out!

I spent my afternoon locked in my room and sketching.
I don't have any good pieces today. But I'll post them anyway:
Cherry Blossom tree branch

And some fanart of Merlin(Colin Morgan)
My sketch of Merlin is dreadfully awful.
But you can sort of tell that it's him?
I just rarely draw portraits.
And I've never drawn realistic portraits.
I'm trying to get in some early practice for advanced drawing classes at CBA for my Junior year.
That's my two drawing goals  :  Realistic faces and hands. My hardest subjects to tackle.
I finished my day by watching the Prince of Egypt with my family. Youth was cancelled, so I got to stay home. I love how amazing movies used to be made, with so much care and passion put into them. The Prince of Egypt was a beautiful piece.
And I loved this song:
It's opening a new perspective for me.
On another note,I really don't know what was wrong with me yesterday!
I'm feeling fine now and I haven't even thought about a 'Mackree of my own' today.
I told you that I was prone to being a little dramatic!

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