Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good start to the morning, plans for tomorrow and relaxation

I was in the living room on the floor with Mandie when mom got up from the couch in fright and said "Mrs. Brenda is coming down the driveway! Stephanie, you have to answer the door, you're the only one dressed!" And then she darted back the hallway to hide. I looked down at my clothing. I was still in my comfortable flannel pants and a t-shirt from bed last night. embarrassing.

Let me rewind a little. Mrs. Brenda is our next door neighbor, she shares the house with her husband, Mr. John. They moved in next door over 9 years ago. I used to always go up to their house and talk with them. They're such a nice older couple! Sometimes I would take up cakes, and strawberries and tomatoes from our garden for them.

I went to the door and held back Mandie from barking and greeted Mrs. Brenda. She leaned down and said hello to Mandie and then reached down and picked up a bag. "Steph, these are for you. These are some of my granddaughters clothing and I thought they might fit you. But if they don't, you can just bring them back up to my house." I said thank you and told her to have a good day.
It's slightly embarrassing because the only times she sees me is usually early in the morning, when I'm outside with Mandie and reading a book in my hammock- and typically in my pajamas. I think she was starting to think that I don't have any pants or something because the bag of clothing was practically full of pants. Do you think there's an underlined meaning left in there? Haha.
"Put on some pants you strange little homeschooled girl!"

We have to take Mandie to the vet tomorrow for a check-up on her hot spot. She got a horribly big hot spot on her rump that we noticed about two weeks ago and had to take her in to see the vet.
She's doing a lot better now, after a lot of chicken stuffed with medicine and lots of frosty paws.

Dad's also planning on taking the day off and going to Luray Caverns in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley:
It looks absolutely beautiful. I sure hope we can go!
And I hope I can take my camera....

I didn't have a very good afternoon. Yesterday sort of wiped me out, and waking up early to go to the early church service didn't help. So I spent my afternoon watching old Disney movies.
Britney and I didn't end up going to youth group either.
Mayyybe next week?


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