Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Around the house, errands and special finds

 I woke up early again this morning. Not on purpose though! I couldn't believe I was up at 7:30am. That may sound sort of late- but I thoroughly enjoy being able to sleep in during the summer until 8 or 8:30am! Then I usually grab a book and take Mandie, my dog, outside with me and read before the heat sets in for the day.
But instead, I just sat in bed and looked through camping pictures on Pinterest. I've just been daydreaming about camping at beautiful places lately. We've been trying to buy a camper for years.
Mom just found one in Delaware a couple days ago for only $2,000! When my dad told her to get back on so we could find directions, it had already been bought.
I can only imagine the wonderful places we could've seen with that camper!
But as my mom said "That just wasn't the one for us."

While mom and Britney went to clean the church, I washed my hair and hung clothes out on the clothesline. Mom was going to do it after she got home from cleaning so they could dry while we went to Frederick, but I heard the washer shut off, so I took the liberty of hanging them myself. Normally my mom doesn't like me being outside when no one else is home, but I took Mandie outside with me. Plus, mom was grateful to hear that they were out of the way when she got home.

We listened to Christmas music on the way to Frederick. I wanted to listen to some kind of music on the ride and even though it's the wrong time of the year, it brought a cheery attitude over all of us.
First we stopped by BestBuy to find Britney a new laptop battery, but they didn't have one. So she'll have to order off of Amazon.
Ac Moore is the craft store I wanted to go to since I had a 50% off coupon. We parked our car in the parking lot and I hadn't noticed until my mom said something, but the parking lot was practically empty except for one car parked near us. And elderly lady was getting out of her car and called over to me as I got out of our car to see if it was open or not "It's unusual for the parking lot to be so empty!"
I replied "Yes, it is! I'm going to go see if they're open. I'll let you know when I get back."
I lightly jogged across the street and read the sign taped to their door saying that they would be having a delayed opening at 2pm.
I told the lady as I came back, she thanked me and then I hopped back into our car.
We quickly decided to go to Michaels instead since it was only 12pm. But I was very disappointed when I got there and found out the price for Masking Fluid. It was $15. And I only had a 25% off complete purchase coupon for Michaels. Mom, Britney and I made a hard decision to go to some other stores and wait for 2 hours to go to Ac Moore.

Michaels had some interesting new products, or at least products that I haven't set my eyes on before.
There are black canvases! And an old fashioned wood palate.
I got a small plastic palate for my watercolors and then we left the store.
We stopped by Goodwill and I bought four Disney videocassettes we hadn't purchased yet:
The Emperor's New Groove, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Leo & Stitch.
I was pretty excited because for some reason, our typical thrift shop stops never have those for sale.
We stopped at Mom's organic food market and once we left, it was finally 2pm!

Mom dropped me off at the curb and I ran in. The masking fluid was the exact same price there, but at least I had a better coupon. Mom bought me Raw Siena watercolor paint and we left the store and headed to Petsmart.
I got live plants for my goldfish aquarium and I watched a couple purchase a Chinchilla.
*sigh* they're so adorable and fluffy!
I can't wait to get one in my future.
Anyway, we were nearly to the highway when I read the information on the container of my plants.
*facepalm* I forgot to make sure they were completely submersible!
We had to turn around and return the plants and exchange for submersible plants.
Thankfully, we hadn't gotten too far when I found out I had to return it.
I would've lost $8....unless I was planning on creating a terrarium- which I really wasn't planning on doing.

Once we all got home, we were exhausted.  We had never planned on being out shopping so long!
I grabbed an Italian ice cup out of the freezer and popped   Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole dvd into my laptop and relaxed. I had originally planned on doing much more with my afternoon, but my energy had been completely wiped out.

We had porkchops for supper and ended our evening with two episodes of Merlin.

I hope I accomplish more tomorrow!

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