Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Day Of Creativity

Finally! A day to stay home with nothing to do, but be creative. My favorite kind of day.

I started out with a shell painting I've been wanting to do. I've never painted a shell before... and I found out it's actually pretty hard.
 My battle station:
Outlining of the desired painting:

Outlines painted in:

(I ended up taking out the dolphin because the blue for the ocean was too dark for the dolphin to stand out)

Not bad for my first shell painting, huh?
I'm hoping to find another good shell and doing an ocean sunset in the future.
My hands were sooo messy after I tried cleaning out my plastic palate! Haha 
And then (after I cleaned my hands really good) I sketched a little:
I need to go back and fix Tarzan's nose. Something just isn't right.
And I failed to make Jane look like Jane...*sigh* Oh well...
 I found a piece of artwork on Pinterest I just had to make for myself.
It's so simple...but it's a cute doodle, no?
And lastly, Pocahontas:
The leaves were lots of fun to draw. (:
 I don't know....I might end up doing one more. It's only 5pm...
I'm having sooo much fun!!

(P.S. You can click on the pictures to get a better view of them)



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