Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cleaning, watercolors, and memories

   My mother came into my room to wake me up early this morning. VBS is currently happening at the church  that my family and I have been custodians to for the past five years. It gives us all some extra money to use- so no matter how annoying the job can be, we keep it...because without it...well, I just wouldn't be able to afford all the things I want to buy at craft stores! And believe me, that would be awful. Britney and I have been alternating days of the week to clean with mom. She cleaned yesterday with mom, so it was my turn today and it will be her turn again tomorrow.

I was very productive while mom and Britney were away cleaning yesterday morning by trying out a watercolor painting I've been wanting to do for a while. This was my second watercolor painting ever.  I feel it was successful, but there is room for improvement- as I like to say, 'who wouldn't want to improve in the art realm anyway?' Here it is:


I recently got an instagram ( I don't own an iphone, but my father does as his business phone) about a week ago and I posted my painting on there. It got 12 likes and a friend of mine commented:
"Idk what picture you're lookin at, but that is phenomenal for only your second painting! #Trueart #keepitup"
It made me feel really good! Compliments truly are the fuel to my art.
We were recently selling my mother's soap (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AuntBSimplyHomemade?ref=search_shop_redirect) at a flea market at Harper's Ferry. On the way there we crossed a gigantic bridge overlooking a wide river. There were kayaks and people in tubes going down the river. It looked like so much fun, I hope I get to do that one day!
While my mother and I left our shop to Britney and my father, we came across a table selling Nancy Drew computer games for a dollar each. I remember when Britney and I would sit at the computer for days being frustrated trying to solve the mystery. I just couldn't help buying two of them when I came across them. After finding them, I went to my library's website and requested a couple Nancy Drew books. I used to read them all summer long when I was younger. I loved pressing the book into my face and smelling the book. Nancy Drew books seem to have their own smell and it gets me right into my crime solving attitude. The books are an easy read, but fun, never the less.
My favorite one is probably the stolen relic- it's centered in Utah and I dream of going there!
If only just to see the Dark Sky Park and kayak the Green River.
Ugh. As I am typing I can't help regretting that I cut my fingernails yesterday evening. I always keep my nails over the end of my finger.  And I felt like cutting them all the way down. My fingers feel so funny...it almost tickles!
Britney and I went to the library again today. I've lost count of how many times we've visited the library this summer! I requested the first disc of season one of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. I've seen a lot of it on Pinterest lately and I can't help wondering how good it is. So I'm going to see for myself!
I had changed into comfortable clothes after cleaning this morning and I didn't want to look bad at the library, so I threw together one of my new favorite outfits:
We got to go clothes shopping a few weeks ago and I really think that colored shorts open up my wardrobe!
I think we'll be going to Frederick tomorrow to hit a few of the craft shops. I've been wanting to do some more watercolor paintings, but I need masking fluid. So I printed off a few coupons to Michaels and Ac Moore. Maybe we'll stop by Petsmart while we're up there. I need to grab a few live plants for my goldfish tank...the live plants I got for my Betta fish really cleared up his water. I'm hoping it will do the same for my goldfish!


  1. Oh my goodness. Your watercolor painting is outstanding!! Only your second time? No way.

    You (used to) play Nancy Drew games? I love those! Just like you and your sister, Melody and I love playing them together! We own every single one haha

    Keep watercoloring! I can't wait to see more of your work!

  2. Ohhh! Thank you so much (: I plan on continuing watercolor, so no worries!

    Haha yep, 'used to' is the proper term. My mom got rid of all our old computer games about two years ago. But I have two Nancy Drew games now! That's so cool that you play them too.