Thursday, July 18, 2013

Creations, my studio and my favorite painter


Pictured above is my art studio- if you can even call it an art studio, that is.
Most people would sit at a table or be working with an easel.
I store an extra table in my room for when I feel like working at a table...but this seems to be working perfectly lately. "What's that stray hairdryer doing on your floor?" you may ask... but actually it's a watercolor tool used for drying. (; Maybe I'll purchase a mini one, that way this one can return where it belongs.
I've completed much more today. I did a piece of artwork:
And I'm currently working on another piece that I'm sort of regretting that I did in pencil. I'm thinking watercolor would have been the better avenue...but we shall see what it turns out to be in the end, I suppose.
Bob Ross is currently my favorite painter. I regret that he is no longer living, Bob Ross died in 1995 by cancer.  His works of art are absolutely gorgeous. I requested his dvds from my library. I can't wait to learn from him.
Lately this song has been inspiring me, it may sound a little silly, but after you've had it on repeat for a while, it can sort of give you the shivers and encourage you to continue your dreams and try harder.
Here it is:
Skip to 00:20 for the song to start (:

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