Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hopeless dreams

If I could get a job at the Library or Dunkin' Donuts next year during the summer I would use an entire paycheck at Ac Moore, an entire paycheck at Michaels, an entire paycheck at Petsmart, and buy a kayak after saving up enough for one and hold on to the rest of my money from my summer job.
Just another hopeless dream though. I asked dad at the supper table last night if I could get a job and he said yes. While my mom said no. It will take some discussing...but I would MUCH rather have a job next summer instead of my junior summer or my senior summer.
Plus, the money would last me a long while, I can hold on to my money for a very long time (Except for a shopping spree to Ac Moore and a spurge for a kayak).

On another note, I have half of my Christmas list written up already. And it's only July!
I've been wanting a flint and steel set for a very long time now but I had no idea where to search for an old fashioned set. When I went to Walmart in the camping section to see if they had one, I was highly disappointed in it's design.
I went on etsy and was pleased with this old fashioned set:

My dad went ahead and got it for me to hold it back until Christmastime, just incase the seller would run out of them.

There's also an adorable hobbit hole necklace I've found that dad's going to order and hold back for Christmas time. There's only 3 available at this time, and I don't want to risk it never being  restocked!

Other than that:

-Artwork portfolio ( I have my original artwork in a neat stack on my dresser, but I'm afraid of them getting a spill on them, or a tear in their pages, a portfolio will protect them slightly better and I could store them under my dresser, or in a drawer without having to worry about it too much.)

-Old fashioned palate ( I mentioned this in a post from yesterday. Michaels has them for sale- and I would feel like I went back in time if I used one !)

-Standing easel (Not only would it be better than working on my floor with my $3 miniature table from a thrift shop, but I could actually take it places and draw/paint where ever I want. I've been wanting to go to Lilypons while the lotus flowers are in full bloom and paint a lotus flower !)

- Canvas paper, mixed print sketch book, watercolor book, drawing sketch book ( Simply because, who doesn't need more sketch books?!)

I've accomplished slightly more today than yesterday! But more on that later. (:

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