Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A sketch, fair art inspiration and the Demolition Derby July 29, 2013

We went up to Frederick today to stop by AC Moore and the Urbana Library. I haven't looked at Bob Ross' painting supply section yet, so I did that today and purchased the large palate knife and #3 fan brush. These tools should help me get my first Bob Ross style painting off the ground.
The specially shaped palate knife is used to form mountains and the fan brush is used for evergreens. I would have gotten more brushes, but each brush is $10 and up. So I'll have to save up for the complete set gradually. At the Urbana Library I picked up a Bob Ross dvd I've had on hold for a while. My local library doesn't have any Bob Ross dvds, so I searched for them elsewhere.

I've been wanting to do a mermaid drawing lately, so I did that today:
And later we all went to the Carroll County Fair.
My favorite part is a tie between getting a whole pickle for a dollar or looking through the artwork.
There were some amazing pieces this year, completed by surprising ages!
Here's some of my favorites:
This was an oil painting age-15.
Colored pencil drawing- I didn't catch the artist's age.

Pencil drawing- age 15

Watercolor painting age- 13

Acrylic painting- age 10

Charcoal drawing age- 18

Oil painting- age 11

Oil painting age-11
Such unbelievable talent in these young art students!
We've gone to this fair for three years in a row now, mainly just to watch the Demolition Derby!

Which is always so funny to watch.
I love fairs.
The Howard County Fair is next week, but after that the Frederick County Fair and the Damascus Fair are in September.
It's such a great place to get inspired!


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