Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hopeless dreams

 I sat on my bed this morning looking over camping survival tips and gorgeous camping sites.
I love the simplicity of camping and I fell in love with this quote:
"When a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard."
And I contemplated and reflected upon that thought and came to realize how true it is.
It stirs an anger inside of me while I watch people go about on their daily lives thinking that work and money was all there is to life to keep their human standards up.
It's like I see the world in a  completely different way. And sometimes I want to slap the human race crazy. It seems that everyone has forgotten humbleness and kindness.
The things made by man on this earth are merely here to entertain us while this is our temporary home.
Don't get me wrong, this world is amazing and should be enjoyed.
But I think people are enjoying it in the wrong way. People anymore are stuck in their technology.
My sister and I went camping with our youth group thinking we would get away from technology. But everyone brought their phone and there was an outlet and our campsite. We were thoroughly disappointed. We were at a beautiful place, away from home, and everyone there was stuck in their phones, while I simply couldn't get over the beauty of Rocky Gap.

Also, authentic beauty has been forgotten. Girls have no respect for themselves. And they all tend to think that what's important anymore is what's on the outside and that they have the best new clothes. When there are few I've met that are both beautiful on the outside and the inside. I honestly think that it is what is inside that makes the outside beautiful.

There's this girl at my youth group. She used to act a little awkward and try and talk with the popular people. I noticed she hadn't really made any friends that she could cling to. We started talking one day and now she's one of my best friends and she's so cool! Once you get to know her on the inside a little, she suddenly became gorgeous on the outside.

Now how do I go from a topic of camping to authentic beauty? That's just how I roll sometimes. (;


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