Thursday, September 12, 2013

My fourth first day of CBA

You would think that this being my fourth year of CBA that I would be more calm, cool, and collected with classes kicking back up again, right?
Well that wasn't the case for me.
I had a headache, butterflies in my stomach, and tension everywhere in my body.

Even though I was nervous, I thought things would still go smoothly today since I'm a Thursday Class veteran. Yet again, that was not the case!

Today didn't go the way I had planned in my mind at all.

We left our house pretty early and got down there at 9am. We signed up to purchase drinks for snack bar, so we were going to drive around back to unload all the drinks, but the back way was blocked.
Mom parked in the front parking lot and told me to go check if it was locked, or if I could just push open the gates.
I actually felt really cool doing this- though nobody was watching....haha.
I jogged to the gate and the lock was unlocked, so I removed it and slid a half bar over and pushed open both of the sides, then closed it after my mom had driven through.
9am was probably my favorite part of the day.
Sophia, Mom, me, and David hauled in the drinks from our van and set up the rest of the yearbook snackbar. It was just really fun because one of the best parts of snackbar is figuring out how to stack all the foods into different pyramids and towers. I made my first tower with Yoo-Hoo drinks. Haha it really is fun!
And it's just fun playing around with the boxes and stuff. When we were done, Colleen, David, Mckenzie, Sophia and I just stood in a circle and joked around.

Then yearbook hour came around. I sat next to Amanda and Rachel. That class is pretty laid back right now, so that's still fun. We were brainstorming today what we could do differently with academics because it's normally pretty boring. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I raised my hand and said that we should do something different for the sports, because it's the same every year and kind of boring and dull- which Mrs.Branham said that she liked it the classic way- but it doesn't mean the rest of the students do! I  just hope I didn't offend her by saying that...

Improv hour rolled around and was probably the most awkward class so far.
I didn't have anyone to cling to. Except for Sophia, but she wasn't desperate to cling to my side or anything. We played digits, where we all sit in a circle (there's about 65 of us in all) and close our eyes and try to count up to 100 without anyone saying the same number at the same time, if that happens, we have to start over at 1.
That was fun, but I didn't say anything.
The next game was clumps. Where Mrs.Abbott will call out a number with  mixed gender/ same gender. I was sitting with Sophia, Mckenzie, and Hannah. Mrs.Abbott called out 3.
Automatically, they clumped together and by the time I turned around to find someone else, everybody else had already found a group.
So that was really awkward. I was the first one, and the only one out.
Mrs.Abbott gave me a side hug and put me in front of everyone because this was a get-to-know-you game and asked me to say my name and grade in front of everyone which was super awkward for me.
The next game was 'What are you doing?' which is pretty complicated to explain, but that was probably my favorite.
Then we went around the circle saying our name and grade and why we decided to take improv and I said "Because I want to be more outgoing"

Next, 12pm study hall. This was probably my only week being in there without having to sign out to study for Biology (which has a test every week). I was behind snack bar with Meg for about 15 minutes. There was about seven new 7th graders, but one stood out.
A group of my guy friends were in a circle joking around while there was a new guy sitting at a table all by himself, listening to music, so I went over to talk to him and spent the rest of that study hall hour talking with him.
I still remember my first day of CBA and a very nice senior named Julia talked to me. The first day is the best day to reach out to the newbies, because that's when it means the most.

Biology is pretty intense. We did a lab today and we have homework, plus a quiz to study for happening next week. Oh joy. Nothing much to say there....It went pretty okay, it felt just like physical science, just a little different.

And lastly, volleyball. Which might have been the worst part of my day?
I don't know. There, again, was nobody to cling to. Shannon (the girl I've clinged to during volleyball for the past three years) 's best friend, Jessica is taking volleyball this year, so I feel sort of abandoned there.
And Mrs.Woo mentioned something about Kayla and Hannah being team captains. It doesn't sound official, but it still sort of ticked me off slightly.
Hannah's first year of volleyball was last year, and Kayla didn't really play but five or so games with us. But she took volleyball at public school, so I'm sure her mom had a talk with Mrs.Woo that her daughter should be a team captain.
Mrs.Woo normally picks by veterans and how good you are. I've been playing with CBA longer than both of them and they always give me compliments that I'm really good.
It's not that being a team captain is huge to me, but it was always something I've been wanting since I started taking volleyball. Of course....I know "Life isn't fair" but this just isn't right.
Hopefully it was just for the game we were playing, but there's no way to be sure.

Hopefully it will be better next week. The first day is always the worst day for me.


  1. Aw Steph, I'm so sorry your day was rough! I'm sure Mrs. Branham wasn't offended, she likes it when people throw out their ideas.

    And I hope you pull through Biology - I know you will - with flying colors! Take the time to enjoy it. I loved bio - it's just so cool to learn how God's creation is put together. :)

    And volleyball? Bummeroo. :/ Well, I know Hannah's a senior this year - what year is Kayla? And you're still a sophomore. 2 more years of opportunity! Patience. :D

    Love you, and praying next week goes better!

  2. Aww....thanks Katrina! (:

    Yes, thankfully I still have time to get it. I keep thinking I'm a junior for some reason. I think she's the same grade as me, but a team captain right now is a senior and will be gone next maybe... (;