Saturday, September 7, 2013

Buying and Selling... (again)

     Waking up at 5:30am and walking Mandie to our neighborhood's stop sign and back before we leave to set up at a flea market is such a fun tradition now. I love being up that early because the world is asleep and I can see the stars in the clear early dawn. I got to see Orion's belt. I haven't seen his constellation lately! Maybe I should look more into the seasons of constellations. We have a huge telescope just sitting in our basement waiting to be used!

     Our table was set up in a very nice spot. To our left was a crochet scarves and necklaces company. We were actually neighbors to them in our last flea market, so that was a pleasant surprise. To our right was a Bed and Breakfast owner, she started her business with her husband and have a place in downtown Frederick, and next to her was a lady that used to own sheep! She had several skeins of wool hanging from the back of her car and had a huge bag of wool roving. As Britney and I walked over we both expected the large bag of roving to be over a hundred bucks. But much to our surprise, the lady was only asking $10 for it and $1 per skein of wool. It was pure wool too....and pure wool is crazy expensive. We couldn't help ourselves! I ran back over to mom and she gave me a 10 and we bought the bag of roving while Britney purchased two balls of roving and one skein of wool. I decided to get a skein of wool as well. You never come across this kind of deal with wool, so I wasn't about to pass it up! Mom also wanted me to go back and get $5 skeins of it that we could make soap scrubbies out of for our business. Near the end of the flea market she had only sold 1 more ball of roving, and two more skeins of wool. I went over with 20 dollars and asked how many more skeins she had. There was only 14 left, so I got them!
Just look at all of it!
I've sort of leaned away from crochet and knitting, but I think this might just kick me back into it for a while. When everyone started tearing down their tables, the lady came over to our canopy and had a skein of wool in her hands. "I didn't know if you knew that there was one left..." she reached out to give it to me and I put my hand up and reached for a dollar and she said "Oh, no no that's alright." I was a little shocked and said "Wow, thank you very much!" She smelled some of our soap and asked what was good for dry skin. My mom said oatmeal, but bastille is very good to soften the skin and she ended up purchasing what I suggested!
And she was such a nice lady. It's actually easy to come across nice venders at flea markets. Everyone is so nice at these events.
As Britney and I walked around we also stopped at a table with lots of school books and novels connected with history. The vender was actually a homeschool mom and her daughter was off to her freshman year of college. That was cool because I got to talk about me being a homeschooler as well.
She was selling an aquarium and there was a bag of aquarium décor inside the aquarium with no price on either of them. You never come across decor that's separate so I asked how much she was asking for it and she said she was going to sell it with the aquarium for $7 all together, but I told her that I already had an aquarium. She told me to make her an offer, so I offered $3 and she accepted. But I only had a 20 dollar bill. But a shopper next to me said "Oh that's okay, Marget, I'll break it for her" (that wasn't her real name...but yeah) He was really nice too! So I bought it and looked around her tables a bit more and came across "BBC's Planet Earth" It's a 5 disc set and still in perfect condition. I remember it being advertised and was pretty interested. It was $10....but I got it anyway because it looks like an amazing, well put together, documentary. She wished me the best of luck with my schooling as I left. Such a nice lady.
Those were the only really good deals I came across. Haha oh my goodness! I was in someone's canopy looking at their books and a Chihuahua was walking by with a leash but nobody holding the leash....and the dog started barking because there was shopper with a dog, I picked up the leash and looked at the owner who obviously wasn't bothered about the whole thing and I just looked at her and asked "Would you like your dog's leash back?" and she said "Oh...thanks." In the most uninterested tone ever! It was sort of comical.
Also there was a husband and wife biker couple that was purchasing a glass bowl with a lid from our neighbor that owns the Bed and Breakfast and they asked if the lady had anything that they could pad the lid with since they were on a motorcycle, so I ran over and offered them one of our brown paper bags that we bag our soaps in. They were so grateful and said "Oh, thank you, dear! How kind of you!"
While we were in Urbana, I brought my Bob Ross dvds to return to the library ( my library doesn't offer anything from Bob Ross, so I get them from up there) I also had two Bob Ross dvds on hold, but I didn't see them in the hold rack. I went up to the desk and asked about them, the librarian was a older man with a beard and glasses, in a way he reminded me of pictures of Santa. He was very nice as well. He told me that the dvds weren't under my name on hold, but they were upstairs in the non-fiction section. I never go to this library, so I really don't know my way around! He gave me some numbers and pointed me in the direction to go once I reached the top of the stairs. It took me a while to find the dvd section and I couldn't find the Bob Ross. But I found some great ocean documentaries! They even had "IMAX Under the Sea"! The one I've been dying to see at the Virginia Aquarium! I had to check it out. Then  I mentally slapped myself, remembering the numbers that the older gentleman gave me. I found the Bob Ross dvds in no time after that! I went back downstairs to the check out and even though I usually use the self check out whenever possible, I was going to go to the older gentleman since he was so nice before, but he was gone by the time I was back downstairs. An older lady was taking his place so she checked my books out instead. As she checked out my books she said, "Oh, so you're the person who got Bob Ross the last time, hmm?" I laughed and said yes said that I enjoy his paintings. I asked if she had ever watched his show, and she said yes, and that he was a very talented man. As I was walking away she said "You know you can renew dvds, right?" I answered "yes, twice right?" she nodded. I don't think she knew that there's several different series I've checked out. They just all have the same cover. Haha. But everyone was so nice at that library. I have a lovely library, but the people that work there are mostly older ladies and aren't always the nicest people.
Such a lovely day!

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