Sunday, September 22, 2013

A day in Chambersburg, P.A.

I just couldn't wait until October 5th to do another I signed up for one happening earlier, Rachel wasn't able to make it to this painting class, but it was still lots of fun.
I like to do my paintings standing up, so it can get pretty tiring after a while, but lunch break is at the perfect point when you're just about to fall over. Mom, dad and Britney brought me lunch from Wendy's and I ate in the van. The classroom was full this time, last time there were only three people painting. Mom was going to walk me in so she could see my painting half way through, but I wasn't very proud of it at that point, so I told her that she would have to see it later once I went back and fixed a couple things.
And after two more hours, my painting had transformed and it was a little better than I expected.
Mrs.Powell was actually saying that this painting was not good for beginners. I've only done one other I think I'm still considered a beginner.
Here it is!
I'm excited for the next painting! It's a winter scene with mountains in the background!
After 5 exhausting hours of painting, I put my painting in the van and got to walk around Hobby Lobby for the first time. That store has everything!
I got a box of 50 notecards and a pack of three wax seal sticks this time. But next time I'm definitely going to be purchasing some of their adorable charms and make jewelry out of them!
I got 50 notecards because of  my penpals!  I have lots of cute cards already at home, but they're so cute that I never use them!
I loved the route we took to get home... last time we took the highway, but dad drove us a little further into P.A. and through Gettysburg, it was absolutely fascinating.
And the scenery!   Oh my, mountains were on either side of us, and they were so close, I felt like I could reach out my hand and touch them. Some clouds were drifting so low that they touched the mountains, it was such a breathtaking view.

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