Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn crisp at the end of summer

It's finally arriving here. The coolness swirling through the air, the chilly morning dew under my bare feet.... I've missed it so. Autumn is the only time of the year that I truly feel alive.

My family and I went to our regular place for breakfast this morning. I really enjoy being a regular costumer there....they'll bring out your regular drink without having to ask what you would like!
It's such a cute little restaurant too.

Then we went out to thrift shops. I didn't have an excellent day finding things. Yesterday was more fun at the thrift shop because all of my items only cost $1 all together (and that never happens anymore) I got about 40 notecards. I'm hoping to be finding some new penpals I'm just preparing haha. And then I got an adorable set of napkin rings that had forks,spoons, and a knife on it! It was only 25 cent for two of them. So I got it for my Hope Chest. I've been putting back a couple items here and there to have if I ever get married. I only have measuring spoons and napkin rings in there at the moment, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

After we were done thrift shopping, Britney and I went up to a homeschool Eagle's football game.
It was terriabley hot watching the game. Suddenly the autumn breeze and the clouds overhead had vanished all together. I felt like I was smoldering in my autumn apparel. I actually even got some sun on my face!
We lost the game, but it's always fun to cheer on fellow homeschoolers.

Britney's been wanting to stop at this place called 'Plato's Closet' so we went there today after the game. It's sort of like a thrift shop...but of only really nice, hardly worn clothing. All the shirts are regularly $10 each, so you have to look closely in the clearance to find a good deal. I think I'll be going again, just with clothes money. I got an adorable knee-length skirt I think I'll wear to CBA one week this fall. And the best part about the store, is that you can bring in your nice, hardly worn clothing and get cash for bringing them in. Defienetly thinking about doing that! I have bags of clothes I was going to give away because I just don't wear them anymore, but if I can get money for them? Even better!

On our way back home Britney offered to stop at Chick-fil-a to buy us oreo milkshakes. I agreed, we hadn't had one in a long time! When we pulled up to pay, the worker told us "Actually, the car in front of you paid for your milkshakes." And Britney was a little shocked and said "Oh, okay."
Meanwhile I'm nearly banging my head on the window. Haha
That was just the sweetest thing! That's never happened to me before. I'm going to have to return the favor one day when I have a job...and money.


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