Monday, September 16, 2013

Draft Horse Rescue Center

 Lately, I've been surrounded by a lot of my friends have been all about horses. And I'm getting even more horse crazy than I was before. All I want right now is to run into a field and wrap my arms around a horse's neck. There's so many small farms around us that have horses....don't you think they could spare me one?

A family we know just got two horses. I was thinking about asking if I could clean out the stables and do some other work around and maybe exercise or have some riding time in return.
But they just got I wouldn't be able to ask until the excitement had died down a little bit for them.

But my mom found this really cool place that isn't very far away from our house.
It's a Draft Horse Rescuing Center. And they're in need of volunteers. Plus after volunteering for a certain amount of hours, you get free riding time!

The only thing is that mom wants it to be a half credit as an elective for next year. But it doesn't mean that I have to wait until next fall to start right?

I have to look into it a little bit more and see if I can get an appointment for a tour of the place.

I just need to be around horses again. I miss it now more than ever.

Everywhere I'm turning lately, I'm either hearing about horses or seeing them in a field blocked in by a fence.

Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Go for it, Stephanie!!! =D I really pray it works out for you to be around horses, one way or another =)

  2. Thanks, Olivia! (:
    Did you ever get the letter I sent you?

  3. Oh yes I did, I'm sorry I haven't answered, I've just been so busy with school and work.

    Did you get my last e-mail?

  4. That's okay! School can get pretty time consuming.

    Yes, I did. You didn't get my reply? I sent it a while ago...
    I'll resend it!

  5. Huh...that's strange. No, I never got a reply. I'm going to get right on writing a reply to your letter! Sorry it's been so long =/