Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Haircut Trials and Tribulations

This morning I woke up, took a shower and suddenly decided that I wanted to get bangs today.
For the past two years I've been growing out my hair and my bangs have constantly been growing out as well. I've just been putting my bangs back with a hair clip and here's a slight example of it:
As you can see, my bangs are sort of wrapped around my head.  It was super annoying sometimes because my bangs just had to be clipped back because they were in my face if I let them down. And in the summer heat, my bangs grew even longer and were wrapped more than half way around my head when I clipped them back. I originally wanted them to grow out with the rest of my hair....but it's too late to turn back now.

So it was a good, but short and dumb decision. Britney cut my bangs for me after my shower and I immediately hated it. It was cut right across and I looked terrible. I let mom take the scissors and it looked even worse. It was too big a section of my hair for bangs and automatically my hair started curling from the release of all that weight of the rest of my bangs. That looked even worse.

I put my awful bangs up out of my face and took Mandie out on her morning stroll. As I was putting on her collar mom said "You might as well let me trim the rest of your hair now." And I replied "No, I'm not getting any uglier." Really. I really, really hated my bangs at first. It was just awful.

After school I wetted and braided my bangs, maybe they would look better curly? I sat out in the sun for a half hour and waited for them to dry. I came back inside and took out the braid. My bangs looked even worse then! I clipped my bangs out of my face and decided to not do any thing else with them and immediately regretted it and stood myself back in front of the mirror and promised myself to figure out a way to look good and feel good about myself even with these bangs.

I went into the bathroom and plugged in Britney's straightener. I straightened my bangs first and then straightened a couple odd places and looked in the mirror. To be honest, I actually sort of like it now. Though I can't really stand having straight hair. But I'll just have to deal with it for a while until they grow back out again.

I was just really tired of always having a hairclip in the back of my hair.  In pictures on facebook I could always easily find the back of my head because nobody else has a hairclip in the back of their hair like me. So there's a couple pros and cons of having bangs.

Here's my after picture!
It's not too bad?
I just have to figure out what to do when picture day gets here (the end of this month) how to wear a ponytail for volleyball and how to braid my hair without my bangs in it.


  1. Thank you! It was a hard decision, if you can tell with my ranting! (:

  2. It looks good Steph. I kinda felt the same way when I got my bangs, but I really like them now. Snap clips are awesome for when you want to wear a ponytail, that's what I use.

  3. Aw thanks guys! I didn't even see these comments until now.

    ^_^ My bangs are SO much better now. I've figured out how to style them finally.