Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Seconds of Creativity


For the longest time I have dreamed of having a cottage on the beach, with large majestic mountains in the distance, and my own personal pond with a kayak roped to the pier, and a small shack holds my fishing gear near the pond. Around the back is a garden in full harvest and near there, a chicken coop with a hand painted sign next to the mailbox saying "Eggs for Sale". A large pasture lies beyond that with my horses and sheep and a large barn to keep them safe from the weather. Inside my cottage, I have a room dedicated to my aquariums where they fill the room, there's a small rocking chair that I can sit in and relax, listening to the water from the filters. Out the screen door of the kitchen is the greenhouse full of plants, hanging from the ceiling and creeping up the walls. There's a fountain in the middle with a bench around it that I can sit on when I'm too tired to continue watering the plants. Next to my bedroom is my art room, in one corner lies a potter's wheel next to a  shelf bending with the weight of finished clay projects, mugs, bowls, plates, and more. In front of the window is a large white desk with a light hoovering above it with artist supplies everywhere you look. And on the front porch is a swing where I can sit and enjoy the early beach sunrise and sunset when I'm not on the beach collecting seashells.

*sigh* Isn't my dream house a wonderful dream?

Oh! I bought a little plant today! It's living in my window sill now. It's so cute!

Some artsy-ness I was playing with last night.
So fun!

I'm kicking back up a nature journal.
I found a small mixed-media sketchbook just lying in my dresser, so I'm using that as my nature journal.
Britney was getting rid of this bag, but I figured it was perfect to stuff my sketchbook and my pencil sack in when I'm ready to go outside and sketch.

When I woke up this morning I looked out the kitchen window and saw a wild rabbit sitting near our bird feeder in the backyard. I didn't have my sketchbook, so I grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen to sketch him, but he hopped away by the time I got back.
That's the tough thing about nature sketches....Some of the subjects won't stay still long enough for a decent sketch!

I was digging through my old art and found this from back in 2012! Haha...must say this is some of my better work from then.

Mom recently discovered that Dad tossed our good kite, so mom went to a craft store and bought a cheap $3 spiderman one.....hahaha.
Anyway, Dad was away this past weekend and it was very windy, perfect for kite flying.
So after about an hour of Britney and I flying it, Mom said we should just try letting it go and see where it lands, and we'd go find it and get it back. (Pure homeschool thinking here)

Britney was afraid to do it. Soooo I did.
We were in the front yard and it flew free for like 5 seconds before it grabbed hold of the top branch of one of our pinetrees in the front yard. It was doing soooo well flying from the trop branch!
The tree was better at flying a kite versus Britney and I!
We had to get out the ladder and a large pole to attempt to get the kite down....haha.

I'm so grateful to be enjoying warm weather activities again.
I brought my bike up from our storage barn and biked yesterday until my legs were sore.
And I thought I was all out of energy until I saw Britney pumping up our basketball on the front porch, and we played against each other until supper time.

Now it's raining and it's supposed to be raining for the rest of this week.
April showers bring May flowers!
Whoop whoop!



  1. Oh, your dream place sounds lovely! ^_^
    I love little plants, especially new ones! :)
    I really like your "ballet" dancer, it's a cool idea!
    Nature journals are cool, and I really like your purse to put it in! =) I like your "old" (teehee ;) drawings, they're cute! :)
    Hmm, letting a Spiderman kite go fly free huh? Sounds like great fun! ;)
    I love warm weather too! My sisters and I have taken up running, and the nice warm weather is perfect for that! We haven't taken our bikes out yet, but I think you've inspired me to get to it! ;D Have you played HORSE? (with a basketball) It's fun, my whole family likes to play on warm evenings! ^_^
    Have a great rest of the day! =D

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes! I'm so excited. This is the first plant I've ever owned!
      Why thank you! I had fun drawing it!
      Aghh!! Thank you thank you thank you! So many compliments, you're so sweet!
      Well, sort of, once it got stuck in our tree we retrieved it. I'm not one to litter...haha.
      Ooh! Running is fun, but my neighborhood is all hills. *whew* It's H.A.R.D.
      But I've taken up pilates! Have you heard of them?
      I absolutely love biking, especially in the late evening when the sun is setting (:
      Hmmm....Horse....ohhh *thumps head* I know I've heard of it- even played it a couple times...but I can't remember! What is it?

      You too, Megs! :)

    2. Oh, yeah, running on hills is hard. =P
      I've heard of pilates, but am not sure about what they are...
      Mmm, biking into the sunset. Sounds loverly! ^_^
      Well, HORSE. Let's say that there is three people. If one person throws the ball through the hoop, the next person has to try throwing from the same position, and has to get it in. If they miss, they get an H. And every time you miss, you get the next letter. The first person to spell H-O-R-S-E loses. I hope I didn't completely mess you up... =P
      Have a great night! =D

  2. I agree with Megs - such a lovely dream!
    I love what you do with your sister =) I wish my older sister was home, or at least lived in the area. It's been so hard this time of year when we'd normally be doing a bunch of stuff together =( I should write her another letter. But, of course, the mail service in Arkansas is terrible. 3 out of 4 times, my letter was returned to me - and I had the address and everything perfect! Grrrr.

    Ooh biking is something I love to do when the weather is warmer! My parents take the dogs for walks every evening in the late spring and throughout summer, and I bike ahead. Our road is so hilly and curvy though. It's downhill on the way out, but coming back up those slopes kills me the first few times.

    I should start a nature journal again. It's so hard not to be writing, so a nature journal would definitely help ease the pain ;) Thanks for the inspiration =D

    Love your drawings so much! The ballet one was so creative!

    1. Aw, thanks Olivia! (;
      Aww...that's making me so sad :( I'm going to reply to your emails soon! And I've been working on your letter off and on all day.
      Hmm, that's odd that your letter has returned three times. Have you thought about asking the post office about it?

      Your road sounds like fun to bike! It must really work your leg muscles though with all those hills!

      Yes! Yes!! Start a nature journal! I've been having so much fun with it.

      Aw, thank you!!

    2. You're welcome! ^_^

      No...I'm too scared to call people =/ I have a fear of phones. For real. Whenever our phone rings, my heart has to restart itself.

      Haha it is fun to bike on! Especially on quiet evenings. People really like to zoom on our 30 mph road =P

      I will! =)

    3. Wow Livvie. I actually don't really like answering the phone either! I NEVER know what to say! =/ Thankfully, my big sis usually answers it. =)

    4. Oh thank goodness. Haha I always feel silly about it...but you don't like it either! I'm getting a bit better. And sometimes it's easier talking to someone you've never met, and never will meet.

  3. Can I join the 'afraid to answer phone calls' train?
    They, Freak. Me. out.
    It's the worst on my birthday when I wake up because all my grandparents call in the morning. AGGGGGH

    1. Oh by the way, I kind of meant emailing or talking to a post office worker in the post office....not calling. Never take the option to call in my opinion...haha