Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sick Days and Movies

Britney has been dealing with a cold/ allergy thing for the past three days.
Yesterday when she came home from college we went downstairs, grabbed a jar of homemade v8, split it and watched movies!
First we watched Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest.  I was kind of tuned out of the movie because I was reading while cuddled up in my large, crochet blanket (It's cold in the basement without a fire in the stove!) And Britney slept through most of the movie.
And then my eyes got tired from reading.
So I took webcam selfies...
Yay for awkward pictures. Haha
The next movie we watched was 'The Quest for Camelot'
Have I mentioned that I love that we still own a VHS player?
And that most of our cartoon/ Disney movies are in VHS tapes?
I had only watched it once or twice before....but watching it again, it's a very silly movie and doesn't make much sense! I couldn't help but laugh through most of it.
Britney was awake for this one, so we basically made fun of the evil guy every time he popped up on the screen.
I'm going up to meet Britney after college today so we can go shopping for an Easter dress for church service. I hope it'll be fun, but it's getting hard to find sweet, modest dresses anymore!
I had to sew straps on my Easter dress from two years ago.
Are you guys excited for Easter?
Do you have family you go meet up with?


  1. Agh! I hate shopping for dresses, haha (especially with height issues. Eulch). I hope you find something gorgeous with Britney! You might want to take a look at Old Navy sometime - I just found a sweet spaghetti strap dress (they had it in a tall :D) that I can put a little shrug over and be fine.

    The whole clan will be here this weekend. :) And by whole clan I mean, my immediate family. And extensions. Hah - Theresa's been here all week with her two boys, and her husband came last night after working for the first half of the week. Josh will come with his wife and son on Saturday. It'll be the first time the cousins all meet each other - and we'll have three little boys, one running, two rolling. ;) Full house!

    Happy Easter, dear Steph. :)

    1. Haha exactly! Ooh! I loveee Old Navy. I was actually there today!

      Aww, sounds like a full house!! I hope you have a fantastic Easter with your family, Katrina!

  2. Sounds fun Stephanie! Almost all our Disney movies are on VHS too! I love old "Tapes"! Yes! I love dressing up for Easter Sunday! We don't have any family very close, so... =P
    Have fun! =D

    1. I love "old" tapes too! It's funny to call them old...because that's what I grew up with...haha. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Megs!

  3. Aww I hope your sister feels better!
    Our VHS player is in our basement...aaannd there are lots of spiders down there. So we don't use it ever. But most of our Disney movies are video tapes, so that's annoying!
    Haha Quest for Camelot was soo weird! I've only seen it once...mostly in bits and pieces.
    I'm with ya Megs...most of our family lives far away both in Maine and Massachusetts. But we're taking a trip to Maine on Easter Sunday to be with my mom's parents! =D
    I'm definitely going to dress up! Hopefully it'll be a bit warmer to wear a long skirt.

    1. Eww! Spiders! *_* I. Don't. Like. Spiders! Yuck! =P
      My Grandma lives in North Carolina, and my other Grandparents live in California. =(
      Have fun on your trip! =D
      It looks like it will be nice and sunny on Easter Sunday over here where I am! So I'll be able to wear my long Easter dress! =D
      Hope you girls get to wear your Easter dresses!
      Hope your sister gets better soon Stephanie!

    2. Thank you for sharing in my disgust/fear of spiders!
      Wow, that's far away =/ Well...from me it is.
      Thanks! =D

    3. Your welcome! =D
      Your in New Zealand right? I'm in Washington. =)

    4. Hahahahahaha *ahem*...that's a fake location I used. I had Bolivia before that ;)

    5. Ohh, smart! Boy, you sure get around! ;)

    6. Haha I wish! I "live" in New Zealand right now because I really want to go there one day!

    7. I'd love to go to New Zealand one day too! =)

    8. Aww, I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family in Maine! (Take me with you?)

  4. Can I come to New Zealand too? I've been dreaming of visiting Hobbiton for ages now haha :)

  5. Yes yes yes! Agh that would be so much fuuun!