Friday, May 9, 2014

New Things and Crazy Dreams

About a week ago my mom drove me downtown to a Firehouse Pottery building and signed me up for a 6 week course of wheel throwing! I'm so excited to try something new. I get 25 pounds of clay to work with and I get an hour or so of workshop time to come in on my own to paint what I've created. I'm told to bring a towel to throw over my lap and to wear clothes I don't care about and to have a good hand lotion waiting for me because my hands will be very dry. I can't wait to get my hands messy!
I've been wanting to create my own little bowl, or my own little mug, or even my own little flower pot!

I got a text from one of my friends on Wednesday night asking if I could go bowling the next day with her and two other friends that I know from CBA. So I had to ask my parents, but I got to go! I normally don't go for last minute, let's hang out stuff. But I was free and I hadn't gotten to see any of them for a long time.
Thursday morning I got a text from her again telling me that it was her birthday and to not feel pressured to bring a card or a gift. So...then I threw something together for her.  My mom makes natural homemade soap that she sells at farmers markets, so I put a bag of soap, a soap scrubbie my mom crocheted and homemade chapstick together for her. And made her a homemade card:

Not bad for last minute, no?
We were the only ones in the bowling alley and when we came in they put on an old fashioned "Sweet 16" song just for her! We put our bowling names down as: Sophi, Mandi, Kenzi, and Steph. Haha
Amanda and I were practically tied the whole game, we took a break halfway through our bowling game to make the time last a little longer by getting some ice cream and popcorn and joking about yearbook and how that's all going to go next year. Hey! Yeah! All four of us that were there were in yearbook together! Haha
Anyway, after our break, I lost my infinitive and had some low scores and Amanda rolled past me on the scoring board, I was very last on our very last round and got a strike! Whattt? None of us had gotten one the whole game! And when you strike, you get to roll 2 more times.
Yes. I won the bowling game. Whoooa it was intense!
And I haven't played in forever!

Do you guys like bowling?



  1. Sweet! I've tried pottery once...on a very cheap kids pottery wheel. That thing's looong gone now, but it was fun when it actually decided to work! =P
    But that's so cool you get to do that! =) You'll have to take pictures of your creations and post 'em!

    Aww that sounds like such a fun time you had with your friends! I haven't bowled in years! And probably never without the rails haha.

    1. Haha, that's awesome! I feel like I'm the only person that didn't try a kids pottery wheel when I was little :P
      I will!! I'm so excited to try something new :)

      Oh my word, I need the bumpers in bowling, otherwise the ball wouldn't make it halfway down!

  2. I like pottering! (is that even a word?) I got a plastic wheel when I was little, and made funny little bowls and cups with it. :)
    What kind of soap does your Mom make? Goat milk? =D
    Ahh! I LOVE bowling! But I haven't bowled in YEARS though. :(
    Soo, you went bowling "For the First Time in Forever"? ;)

    1. I think it is now! You're so good at inventing words, haha (:
      Aww, hearing about these plastic wheels are making me more excited to try pottery! Agh!

      Why, yes! She has quite a lot of different kinds, but none of the see- through glycerin soap. She has essential oil soap and goat milk soap, I love going in front of the tables during our farmers markets and smelling the soap.
      I think I asked before, but I forget where I asked it, Does your mom make soap too?

      Yes!! Haha "For the first time in forever, I finally got to go bowllllllllingggggg. haha"

  3. Yeah, I like making up words... ;)
    No, Mom hasn't made any soap yet, but we're planning too this year! :D
    (We're milking extra goats this year!)

    Teehee, you should write songs! ;)

    1. Ooh! That's so exciting. Soap making is fun. I always love how the added essential oils leave a scent in the air for the rest of the day. :)
      Can I come to your house and pet a goat? Virtually? Haha. I love how different their eyes are. Little black rectangles!

      Haha- Yes! It's my calling I believe..... JUUST KIDDDDINGGGG :P

    2. Yeah, I like essential oils. Most of them smell nice! :)
      Hmm, virtually? That would definitely be interesting... ;)
      Uh huh, goats' eyes are really cool. :D
      Ooo, your calling huh? ;)