Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun with watercolors


On Monday morning after a history quiz and a couple Bible lessons, mom and I decided to head up to the craft store. I had received some money recently and finally decided to purchase the Winsor and Newton watercolor set I had kept my eye on since Christmas. The great thing about craft stores is the 40% off coupons! Sadly, the day we went up they only had 25% off your entire purchase. But when I checked out the lady pulled out another craft store's 40% off coupon and saved me $14 off my watercolor set! (How nice of her!)
That evening I sat down and played with the new paints.
I first tried a mushroom (and got artsy with a mirror)
And then just doodled.
Watercolor is lots of fun!
I've been keeping up with outside chalk work.
It seems whenever I put chalk down, it decides to rain that day and washes everything away.

And I'm still doing my random doodles.
My problem with art is that I want to get it done. But I want it to be done in a reasonable amount of time, and I want it to look good.
I'm starting to force myself to not speed through art.
And made sure I spent a good amount of time on that watercolor mushroom....haha.
Yesterday, Mops was canceled. But I didn't find that out until I was dressed and waiting for my carpool. I quickly changed into my CBA volleyball shorts and we took a trip with Nana ( from my mom's side of the family) to a lilypond garden to pick up some water treatment for Nana's pond.
Would you believe that a gallon container of treatment cost a whopping 80 bucks?
I couldn't believe it!
We picked up Burger King for lunch and ate on her back porch, watching the mucky fish pond.
Right after we finished our meal, it started to rain. Never the less, I put on mom's rainboots and got in the pond and started scrubbing the algae away. The water got so dirty that I couldn't see the fish anymore and got surprised a couple times when I brought the net up from scrapping the bottom for leaves and gravel that a fish had decided to hop in as well.....mmm yes. I may have screamed once or twice.
I'm happy I'm getting the chance to help Nana with her pond. I wanted to do it last year, but got so overwhelmed when I tried to read up about ponds that I decided I was way in over my head.
We siphoned water out of the pond and put water with water treatment back in.
It isn't clean yet, because we weren't able to get all the scum out.
Mom ordered a solar fountain for Nana's pond and a scum sucker thing from Amazon to add to Nana's pond.
I'm going to be taking my goldfish over there this Spring/Summer. They've gotten far too big for my 5 gallon aquarium. And did you know that goldfish are the dirtiest fish you can buy?
I didn't know that until I bought them.
They may seem like the most reasonable fish to purchase. But I recommend purchasing guppies. They stay small and are more simple to take care of and need less water changes....
Uhm...sorry. Inner fish geek surfacing.
beep. beep. beep.
Welp, I'm off. Talk to you later!


  1. Wynne and I exclaimed over all of your drawings/paintings, especially the cat one! And I loved the 'Life Is Happening Right Now' one too!!! I've been trying do those type of things with the different fonts for each word...if that makes sense haha.
    Amazing job on all the art! =D Keep 'em coming!

    Thanks for the advice on goldfish/guppy purchasing! I think we learned that goldfish are difficult to take care of the hard way =P

    1. Aww, that's so sweet! Thank you! Hand lettering is sooo much fun! You should try it! (=

      Haha, you're welcome. I got a little carried away with my fish talk...=P

  2. Your drawings are great! I love your paintings and chalkings too! (yes, I know "chalkings" isn't a word, but...;) Yeah, fish are fun. I really like Guppies! ^_^

    1. Thanks, Megs! ^_^
      I love guppies too!

      Yay! You got it! (He is risen indeed)