Sunday, April 13, 2014

Small Advenurings

My sophomore year at CBA is officially over!!
Now all I have to finish is Bible, Math, History and Language Arts.
Biology was overwhelming most of the time. But my favorite part was doing the dissection lab reports because it was required to draw the subject.

My fellow classmates would come up to me with their stick figure drawings and be like "Whoa, Steph, how did you do that?" Hahaha the bad part is that these are rushed drawings....taking only about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
I love waking up early and knowing we're heading the direction of the beach.
My family and I have a good friend that help our family with taxes.
Mom, Britney, and I go along for the ride and shop while dad does taxes.
It's always a beautiful ride, perfect, flat, farm land, bridges, and ocean water.


The Pastel Beach Houses
And while we're so close, we drive through the abandoned beach city to the outlet and walk along the rocks, taking it all in.

I just belong there.
I found this little gem in the sand on the way back to our car and figured out that an open mussel  shell kind of looks like lungs.
Therefore, The Lungs of the Sea.
My family and I traveled up to a herb show. My favorite parts was seeing the carnivorous plants (Venus fly trap...etc), drooling over the handblown, glass terrariums with air plants, and the oil paintings.
I didn't think the herb show would be much fun, but it actually kind of was!
And we stopped at a huge flea market on the way home.
Britney pointed out a scarf with anchors on it...and was calling my soul and I had to buy it...haha.
It was 2 scarves for $ I got two...and a gorgeous notebook I'm thinking will be my new journal.
And dad bought mom an adorable little solar butterfly!
It flutters around in circles almost like a real butterfly when the sun hits it.
It's finally getting warm here and that means sidewalk chalk and ...BUBBLES!
My chalk artwork:

Mom's chalk artwork:
(She drew each of our little solar buddies. Pogo the penguin, Ellie the elephant, Bella the bee, and Beatrice, the butterfly)
 Britney's chalk artwork:

And the bubble maker is out and about!
I'm kind of enjoying these warmer temperatures.


  1. Ooo, looks like fun! =D
    I LOVE the beach too! So pretty!
    So, is "your" ocean the Atlantic or Pacific? "Mine" is the Pacific. =)
    Bubbles! Oh, bubbles! I'm glad I'm not the only 16 year old who loves bubbles! ;D
    I really like your mushroom chalk picture! Chalk is soo much fun! =D
    Love your new notebook, and those scarves sound gorgeous!
    Mom's/My goat (she's kinda both of ours) had two baby girls early this morning! One of them almost didn't survive, but she's sleeping soundly here beside me on a heating pad in our big warm ice chest! =D Could you pray that "Little Anna" lives a good long life? Thank you! =)

  2. The beach was lovely! Absolutely nippy cold, but wonderful!
    My ocean is Atlantic! That's super cool, we're on opposite sides (=
    Haha no, you're absolutely not alone with the fascination of bubbles! =D
    Aww, thank you!
    I'm already praying for your Little Anna (I sense a Frozen reference here...hmm) I hope she's feeling much better. Little goats are soo cute ^_^

    *sigh* I so wish you could get a blog, Megs!

  3. That's cool, I've visited the Atlantic once! (In North Carolina)
    Thank you for praying! =)
    Yep! I call her Anna because I love the movie, but also because her whole name is Suzanna. (She's named after her mamma) We usually name our goats Bible names, so I named her Little Suzanna so I could call her Anna. ;)
    I'm so happy, Anna is able to nurse off her mommy now, I'm sure she'll get better now! =D Mom says she can sleep in the house tonight, and will probably be strong enough to live with her mom by tomarrow! =D

  4. Aww I love the photography! ^_^ The sea is so wonderful...sometimes it's nice to go a little early in the year before the crowds come ;) I'm more of a mountains girl, but I definitely love the sea!
    I'm praying too, Megs!!! AWW Little Anna sounds so adorable!
    I guess that makes three of us bubble-loving teens =D We used to have a giant-bubble fun!
    WHOA. You drew those? They're awesome! And I love the Lungs of the Sea! You need to live on Miramore and make seashell wind chimes with Gracepearl ;)

    1. Aww, thank you!!
      Yes, it's always best to avoid crowds whenever possible (;
      Yeah, that's my problem. I love the country life with a farm and horses with mountains in the background, but I want to live by the sea and enjoy beach living as well. I'm torn between the two.
      Haha, yeah- I did! ^_^ Thanks!
      Aww, I would love to visit Miramore and be with Gracepearl!

  5. Thanks for praying girls! You are both so sweet!
    I really like mountains too Livvie, I'm not sure if I prefer the ocean or mountains!
    Little Anna is brown with black boots, and a black stripe down her back. she also has a big splotch of white on her head, and white "bracelets" on her front legs. (just thought you'd both like to have a better idea of what she looks like ;)

    1. Yeah, that's what I'm stuck between as well! The mountains are the sea. Hmm. I've considered moving to Maine when I'm older....but it's so cold there!
      Awww, Little Anna sounds like such a cute little kid! (that's what you call little goats, right?) How is she doing now?

    2. Maine sounds fun! but yeah, cooollldddd! =P
      Yep! Kid is the name for a baby goat! =)
      Little Anna is doing great! She is already a pro at nursing, so will probably be able to move out with her momma soon! =D
      Thanks for praying! =D