Sunday, October 6, 2013

Latest painting!

This is my latest painting! The paint is still very wet, so when I took the picture it came out with a strange texture. But here's what it looks like anyway!

I think this one is my absolute favorite so far. I love the clouds, the trees and the mountain. The mountain was harder than I expected, but I conquered it!

This painting class took about 6 hours this time instead of 5. The class room was full with students again, and a lot of them were not happy with their painting, so Mrs. Powell had to help everyone. I always felt so bad because when she came up to me she would say "Nice work, Stephnie!" (She pronounces my name Stephnie, forgetting the 'a' it's actually a cute way of pronouncing my name...)

And after my painting was done, she had diamond dust, so if you wanted, she would sprinkle some in the snow, trees, and the roof of the cabin to make the snow really sparkle.

I'm still trying to debate if I should just leave my painting alone, or if I should add a little yellowish/ orange window light in the side of the cabin to make it look like somebody's home, especially since there's smoke coming out the chimney.

Sadly, mom and dad are requesting that this be my last painting until after Christmas. So I can pick back up painting in January. I understand though. These last three months of the year get rather busy and we  can't really spare a whole day just for a painting class, especially a Saturday.

After my painting class was over  I went over to the jewelry section and got seahorse charms and turtle charms for earrings, some black and white polka dot washi tape, some red and white baker's twine, a 90 cent necklace from clearance and another box of 50 cards.
Hobby Lobby is just the best craft store ever! Even if I can't take another painting class until after Christmas, I hope we can shop at Hobby Lobby one more time before Christmas.

I finished reading The Door Within book 2 on the way back home. I'm excited to start the last one!
I think those books are officially on my Christmas list now.

I'm currently doing a swap with a lady in Ireland. It was originally going to be a small currency swap with Ireland euros and I'd send her a couple American coins and a dollar bill.
Now she's sending me a postcard and some pictures (or a lot of  pictures) of Ireland around where she lives! I think this the most fun swap by far.

I have 20 states now, only 30 more to go! I'm also swapping with Scotland! I always wanted to go there. Who knew postcards where so fun?

Yearbook is going great so far. Rachel and I are sharing the Yearbook Signing Party spread, plus we need to sell ads, and work on mugs soon, and I need to look through the photos on the jump drive that Mrs.Branham trusted me with on Thursday.

Next Thursday is Biology midterms. Woohoo. Joy. There's 61 questions. And we have to remember to bring our vocabulary notecards, or we get 10 points off our midterm.

And volleyball was fantastic! Mrs.Woo picked four team captains on Thursday. Lauren, Hannah, Kaylee, and Stephanie.
What....wait? Did she just.....did she just say MY name?
That's right! I was shocked too! After so many years of watching other girls get picked, my name was finally called. I'm so happy right now!


UPDATE! I posted this painting on facebook and it got 70 likes!

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