Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Break Has Begun

Knowing you and your Frozen obsession, you've probably already seen this! Haha but I thought it was cute to post anyway (:
Happy EARLY Birthday, Olivia!! =D

Whew. I haven't posted in a really long time!
Welp, I'm officially done school for the summer. And I've really been enjoying being outside and not feeling so magnetized to my computer.

I've been keeping busy though! CBA's semi-formal was two weeks ago!
I had Rachel and her sister come down from Pennsylvania to get ready at my house. 

>We're pretty normal, but one of these people might always remain a little odd.<

After Semi-Formal I had Rachel and  Dolores come back to my house for a sleep over with pizza, and chick flicks. Amanda and Noelle came as well and brought Just Dance for wii.
We played for quite a few hours.
This was our favorite dance. We couldn't stop laughing. I played the pineapple.

At the point where they turn and clap hands, I was saying "Watermelon!"
And Amanda is just like "Uhh, Bannana!!"
I laughed so hard. Probably because we were so tired.
It was a good night! And a little bit more fun than Semi-Formal itself.

I've been keeping up with my nature journal. I'm not adding to it everyday, and it's mostly flowers for now, but it's so much fun!

And this is a doodle on the back of an envelope going to a very special penpal (:
(The letter isn't finished yet, but the envelope is!)

And I'm still having fun with lettering!

A few more succulents and an inspirational quote has been added to my window sill.

And I put a teacup with birdseed in it on my window sill outside.
It's been so much fun watching birds come up to my window to get some nourishment!
One morning a blue jay landed on my window sill. I was so excited! I usually just get sparrows!
And this morning a little chipmunk came up for a visit.

Thank goodness for Summer because now I have time to read!
I just finished up "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.
I'm not really sure how I feel about the book. I don't think I recommend it.
There was more foul language than I like to slip by, so just for that factor, I don't think it's worth reading again. 
But I'm reading "Dream Treaders" By Wayne Thomas Batson (finally!)
It's super so far!

(Even though  I didn't like the book that much, it's excellent for pictures...haha)

Last week I went outside to be with Mandie (our dog) and as I made my way towards her, my heart rate jumbled as I saw a long green thing laying in the grass.
A snake!
Mom came outside when she heard me yell and said there was "red" in my voice, so she could tell something was wrong. While mom was coming out, I stood very still and held Mandie back, watching the snake's tongue flicker. I had no idea if he was dangerous or not, I just knew to stay still and move cautiously. 
Dad was away at work, but our elderly neighbor, Mr.John is a boy scout leader and was sitting on his back porch enjoying the nice morning.
Mom yelled up to him asking if he felt comfortable taking care of a snake for us.
He came down the hill with a stick that was split and jabbed it just before the snake's head and lifted the snake up. It was a Gardner it wasn't poisonous.
He took the snake up the hill to his yard and let it loose in the trees.
Hopefully it won't come back!
But to thank him for his masculine bravery, I baked an apple sauce raisin cake for Mr.John and Mrs.Brenda the following day (it's their favorite) and walked it up to them when they were on their morning walk the next day.
They were both pleased and shocked and said it was very sweet of me!

I changed my profile picture on facebook on Monday and I was blown away by 79 likes and 14 very sweet comments. We just had a church message about love languages and mine is words of affirmation, so I felt very loved after reading those comments!!

What's your love language?
Take the quiz here by clicking the gray lettering that says "Discover your love language- click here to begin"

Have fun!

I'm going to make Swedish meatballs for supper tonight.
There's a rule in this house that if you make supper, you don't have to do the dishes.

Have a great evening!!



  1. Aww, that "Love is an Open Door" movie is cute! ^_^
    Happy *early* Birthday Livvie! =D
    I love your dresses! Beautiful! (and the girls wearing them are pretty too! ;)
    I really like your paintings/drawings! Great job! :) Ooo, nice envelope!!
    I love birds, don't you? ^_^ Pretty plants, love 'em! :D
    *Gasp!* a tubby wittle tipmunk! (Opps, sorry. Hope you can read my "Aww! It's adorable!" talk...;)
    I like your profile pic! You're pretty! :)
    I did the Love Language test, and mine was "Acts of Service". Hmm, interesting....
    Yes! I love that rule! =D When we cook, we don't have to do dishes either! Huzzah! ;D
    Have a great evening!

    1. Haha yes! It's still early! Whoopsie. Forgot to add that. I just edited it....haha, Thanks, Megs!!
      Ahh, thank you so much! I'm really enjoying my nature journal. I'm so glad I started it!
      Yeah, I love birds too. They're so cute, you know? So fuzzy <3
      Tahaha, y yus. It iz a wery wittle tippiemunkie. ^__^ (Don't worry, I am quite fluent in "Aww! It's adorable" language (;
      Thank you!

      Ooh! That's cool, so you feel most loved when somebody does something for you then? Like chores?

      Ahh, that's awesome! I've never made Swedish meatballs before Wednesday evening. It was very....interesting. I had to put my hands in the meat to roll them in to balls. It was such an odd feeling *shiver*

    2. Your welcome! ;)
      Good, it's nice finding others who are fluent in that "language"!
      Well, sorta. I really like it when people help me with things. Like letting me held in building goat stalls, staying to help clean up after a fun day at Fort Vancouver, things like that. Its great to have a helping hand! :)
      I don't think I've ever made meatballs before, but I have stuck my hand into the cold meat to mix it and mold it into meat loaf! And to make it into hamburger patties... ;)
      Have a great day! :D

    3. Haha, likewise dear madam *bows* (;

      Very true! It's so tiring to do work all by yourself.

      Mmm, good for you! This was my first was hard to 'dig in' it was kinda like playdoh....but totally not... haha =P

  2. Hahaha no I never saw that 'Love is an Open Door' video! ...It actually kinda scared me 'cause they're so little hahaha.

    Thanks both of you for the happy birthdays! =D

    Ah! Another specially-doodled envelope by you!!! It's so sweet!! ^_^

    That. Is. A. Gorgeous picture of you <3 =)

    I'm jealous. You got to wear amazingly beautiful dresses *outside* a store. Haha my sister and I used to try on really expensive prom dresses just for fun!

    Dreamtreaders!!! I hope you like it! I loved it!

    I hope to be reading the first Dark Sea Annals book, 'Sword in the Stars', soon! Looks good!

    Aww I love snakes! They're so beautiful! We had a very very large one of those in our back yard a few weeks got stabbed (i shouldn't say wasn't me!) and then tossed in the woods. =( So I went looking for it the next day to see it's body, and it was still alive! I covered it with leaves so it wouldn't be bothered, and came back later, and it was gone. I hope he's still alive today! He wasn't suffering or anything.

    Beautiful artwork!!! =D

    1. Ooh! Yay! I found a video you haven't seen of Frozen yet =D
      I know right? I kinda reeled in my chair because I saw the little girls face and was like, wait, what? <----- hehe...get it?

      Why thank you! It's headed your direction compliments of the mail man this afternoon (:

      Aww, *blush* thanks so much!

      Haha believe me though, it's really hard not to trip in dresses. I'm surprised nobody fell. After all, we're homeschoolers that never go around in high heels.

      Ohh! I haven't read that one yet. Let me know how you like it!

      Haha, you should've come down to save him! I would've let you keep 'em =P
      Ohhh.....dear. That is very violent...haha. Somebody over there has anger issues. "Ooh! A snake! Let's stab it!" "Heheh, yeea."
      I feel like it was Paul....Wynne wouldn't do such a thing, *gasp* or would she?
      Haha that's kinda weird it was still alive. I guess you guys didn't hurt it too badly.
      Maybe he'll shed his skin and feel all better?
      *shiver* We went to Lilyponds to get my Nana more plants for her pond and found a very large snake skin in one of their several ponds, draped over a rock waterfall.

      Thank you!! =)

    2. Haha nooo Wynne is too kind to the nature world. She's so funny with all her frog and toad friends out there =)
      Yep it was Paul. But apparently he felt really bad after he did it. Grr.

      Oooh! Yay! A letter to look forward toooo! =D
      Ohmygosh I just remembered I've had a package hidden under my bed for two months!!!! And I haven't even thought of sneaking a peek! Aren't you proud of me???

      While we're on the subject of scaly-ish creatures, do you have salamanders where you live? They usually come out around our house after a warm, rainy day. Newts too.

    3. Awh, awh, awh! She likes toads and frogs? I kept a toad once. She had three legs....I kept her in an old aquarium on the back porch with a screen for a lid and named her frella and collected ants for her to eat (she depended on me) and watched her eat them! And sometimes let her go for a walk in the yard.
      Eventually I let her go because I wasn't going to be able to find ants for her when winter came!

      Yay! Yes! Did you get it yet? I'm sure it's arrived by now.
      I am absolutely beaming with pride for you! I don't think I would've lasted that long! (;

      Oh, yes! I love salamanders! I found one in our back yard and it had a stripe of red on it's back...but I thought it was a snake...( I didn't see the legs at first) and pebbled it with rocks. (Only lightly...and missed almost each time because I was shaking) until my mom came out to inform me what it really was....whoops. Haha

      Newts...though I have never heard of.

    4. Yes she does! Aw cute =) Haha Frella.

      Yea I got the letter! And I just wrote your reply today! Sending it out tomorrow! =D
      Haha. Newts are so quick and slithery, while salamanders seem slower.

      So after I closed my letter to you, I realized I didn't acknowledge your first meteor shower! That's soo cool! We haven't seen those in years =/ It was so much fun when we did, though! We'd get up in the middle of the night and bundle up and head out on our back yard. Sometimes we walked up our driveway and just stood in the middle of the road to watch!