Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Sound of Music Live (and why I loved it)

My family and I hardly ever turn on the TV to watch regular television, but during the Thanksgiving Day Parade (which we watch every year) I saw commercials for The Sound of Music Live and decided that I would like to watch it.
I forget where we went that evening, but it was getting very close to 8pm on the ride home and I was worried we were going to miss the show. Thankfully, when I turned the TV on, Maria was only half way through singing "The Hills Are Alive"
I sat back, completely thrilled with it all, and turned up the volume.
Somewhere in the world, Carrie Underwood was singing it, live. And it was on my TV.
It was kind of crazy to wrap my head around.

The next two pictures are so fun to look at.
It's the actors, in simple clothes, practicing for the big day, and the second photo is them in character that aired live.

After the Sound of Music  Live was over I got on facebook and all my friends were making very negative statuses about The Sound of Music Live.
I noticed that everyone was comparing it very harshly to the original Sound of Music with Julie Andrews.
I think my friends weren't able to see what the Sound of Music Live was truly all about.
It was never intended to be greater than the original Sound of Music, it was nearly a play, that was put on live on the television and brought the theater live right into your home. 
The sets were exquisite, the outfits were charming, and I loved how it made me feel like I was sitting in the theater, watching this all take place on stage.
I think if people had that perspective on it, maybe they would have liked it better.
I don't know, but I thought it was wonderful, and I enjoyed every second of it.
I'm absolutely in love with the play, and I'm sure I'll be purchasing the dvd when it comes out.


  1. Aw I heard about this! I love Carrie Underwood! Ugh I know, so many people were negative about it! Grrrr.
    I need to see it now!

  2. I was super excited to see this and I had super low expectations for it. I've been basically raised on the Julie Andrews version, and I'm quite confident in the fact that there is no other person like Julie Andrews in the whole wide world and I should try to not do too many comparisons.

    With that, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Carrie Underwood's endurance really impressed me, with it being live and all. The only thing that I was super duper bummed about was that Frans wasn't blonde. That was disappointing, but shallow...I know. :P

    For the most part though, I agree with you. I didn't like it tons and tons like the big movie production (with the scenery and all), but it was still impressive for being a live performance of a musical. I've heard a lot of people say that Carrie Underwood did a bad job acting - and sure, she wasn't amazing - but her voice made it, and in a musical like that the acting isn't the central piece.

    Yay for opinions! ;)

  3. @Olivia- You totally should! I loved it!

    @Katrina- Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. I agree that Carrie's acting wasn't amazing, but if it had been too perfect, it wouldn't have seemed live!
    I'm glad you pretty much liked it though!