Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I made supper!!

We had our first Mops of 2014 today! We got a handful of new kids in our group. So it was a little more chaotic than usual, but the kids are great.
So it's Tuesday, right? And tomorrow is Wednesday.
I still have a bunch of homework to finish for CBA on Thursday and I can't work on it on Wednesday because I have to study for my quiz then.
So, I get home, Britney makes us cauliflower pizza sticks that we dip in pizza sauce.
The texture was...interesting to say the least.
Then, mom and I work side by side the rest of the day struggling to get my homework done.
It was around 6pm when I had finally finished.
Mom and Britney left to clean the church office and I stayed home to fix supper.
They weren't really expecting anything special...
but I got a maxi skirt on and a nice white shirt and lit beeswax candles and cut salad, a cucumber, poured water in our fancy glasses and set Lord of the Rings music on my computer for us to enjoy while we ate by candlelight.

(We joined a fast at our church happening for 10 days, it's amazing how healthy we've been eating!)
Mom and Britney were very pleased with their salad and how everything got so fancy.
Though at one point I said, "I think I may have cut too much salad."
And both mom and Britney said in unison that what I gave them was a perfect amount.
I shrugged and figured that if they could finish it, so could I.
Now....this wasn't a very good idea.
Because after I had downed by whole salad I casually asked them,
"So...what do you do when you feel a wave a nausea?" was just....awful.
I prepared such an elegant supper for them, just so I could loose it afterwards.
That ruins my 5 year strike of not throwing up.
I took another painting class!
I was really happy the way the wave turned out!

I've been sketching more lately.
And I've really been wanting to add more color to my art.
I usually just do line art, but color in itself is quite an art, there's so many different ways to do it.
I've been wanting to learn how to do pottery lately.
There's a place near us that offers beginner pottery lessons.
Hoping to maybe take some this summer....along with *shutter* drivers ed.


  1. Ooh no! That's awful!! Are you feeling better now?
    Last time I was sick like that was on my sixteenth birthday =P painted that???? As I scrolled down the page I thought, 'okay she's showing us a painting she's trying to copy.' But you actually DID that painting!!! Oh my goodness gracious.

    Aww don't worry about driver's ed. It really isn't that difficult. Just study hard and take lots of notes!
    I love how you only have to go through some of the biggest things in life once. For me, it's my wisdom teeth. I'm getting them out next Tuesday. Yippee.

  2. Aww, yes! I'm feeling so much better now, thanks! (:
    Well, at least it doesn't happen often to either of us!

    YES! It was sooo much fun to paint! Thank you so much ^__^

    Aww, I'll be praying for you on Tuesday! I hope it all goes well!

  3. Ha, that's good!

    Thank you =) I'm trying not to think about it. It's just a quick nap (with the help of a needle in my arm) and waking up in pain and delirium! I know, I'll be fine....

  4. OMGosh girl, that painting is amazing!!!! You are getting so good, it's crazy!