Thursday, October 30, 2014

Luna the Firefly- A children's story written and illustrated by Stephanie Wolfe

Here's my children's story that's due today in Responding to Literature!

On a cliff, by the sea, there stood a lighthouse, a fortress, a guardian of the sea.

Norman lived there and was the light keeper. Every single night with all his might he would turn on the lighthouse light.

Norman the light keeper would do this in order to save ships from crashing into the cliff rocks at night. 

"I wish I was a lighthouse." Luna told her friend, Flicker as they watched the lighthouse light flick on for the night.

"That's ridiculous, Luna." Flicker said back. "Your light isn't bright enough." Luna felt sad, her antennas and wings drooped in dismay.

One night later. THBAMM!
Luna woke up to a loud thunder clap and a heavy rain. It was getting dark out and the lighthouse light wasn't shining. Luna spotted a ship edging towards the horizon.

"Oh dear, Oh dear!" Norman the light keeper exclaimed. Norman couldn't figure out why the light wasn't working. He threw on his raincoat and grabbed some firewood in hopes of creating something like a beacon, but the wood was too wet. It was no use.

Luna gathered all the local fireflies together and explained what was happening and told them her plan. "But I can't do it alone. Will you help me?"

Together, the fireflies crowded the light to trick the ship into seeing the lighthouse.

And it worked! The ship turned back. Avoiding the cliff just in time.

Norman the light keeper felt red while he watched in amazement and wondered how something so small could save something so big.

Flicker gave Luna a hug. 
"I was wrong, Luna," She said. "I think you're the brightest of us all."

And here's my Mandala for Creative Drawing.

Have a wonderful Autumn day!



  1. Aww! That is an amazing story Stephanie!! ^_^
    I love it! Especially the Bible verse, a very brilliant idea! :)
    And your handwriting is amazing! :D
    Keep up the amazing work! :)
    P.S. How's the puppy? ;)

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :D
      Everyone in class loved it. I'm so glad the presentation is over though...I don't like being the center of attention in front of a lot of people :P
      You like my handwriting? Really? Well, shucks ^__^ everyone usually complains my handwriting is too big or too small, but I'm glad you like it! Haha

      Holly is doing so good! Yesterday we mastered the stairs to the basement together. She's getting smarter and bigger everyday! This morning during history I ruffled her ears and realized there was a tick on her ear. =/ It's going to be hard finding ticks on a black dog!

      Loved getting a comment from you by the way, Megs!
      Have you kept up with your writing lately? I remember when you used to post chapters in the comments!

    2. You're welcome! :)
      No, I think your writing looks great!
      Yay! I LOVE puppies! ^_^ 'specially smart ones. ;)
      Yech, ticks are no fun. :P
      Thanks! I like commenting! ;)
      Sadly, no. I've been stuck. No ideas at all.... :( Aaaannnnnd, I've been reaaaallllly busy.
      Maybe one day I'll be able to finish that story The Quest. Soon hopefully!
      Have a great day! :)
      Oh yeah, I'm gonna go to a 1940's swing dance "party" next month! If I could only figure out how to swing dance... ;)

  2. Stephanie, you have inspired me! :)
    I wrote another chapter last night to The Quest! :D
    I posted it in a comment on Livvie's non-drawing blog. :)
    What do you think?

    1. Aww, Meg's!! I'm so happy you decided to write another chapter! It was so intense. What's going to happen next? Does one of them get injured?

    2. P.S. Swing dancing is a lot of fun! I'm sure you can do it!

  3. Ahh... And I meant Megs. Haha I should turn off autocorrect

    1. Haha, I didn't even notice you spelt it funny! :)
      Glad you liked it! :D
      Hmm, not sure yet, I haven't exactly figured out what will happen next... ;)
      I'll sure try to figure out how to dance, even if I look like a doofus trying! ;)

    2. Oh, good! I felt so bad after I noticed it...haha.
      That's okay! Take your time! ;) The perfect weather always inspires me with new writing ideas.
      Oh, psh, you'll do fine! The swing has to be the easiest besides the waltz.
      At least the simplized version that I dance...haha.

    3. Oh no, don't feel bad! :)
      I guess this weather inspires me too! I've written quite a few more chapters in my story! :D
      Have you seen them? (on Livvie's non-drawing blog ;)
      Haha, I'll try to figure it out. :)
      I'm really not real good at waltzing though, I almost always stepping on my little sister's feet. :P ;)

  4. Stephanie!!!! That was sooo beautiful!!!
    Your illustrations are so amazing! That is totally publish-worthy!!!

    1. Aww, thank you Olivia!!! <3
      Haha, I wish I could publish it. That would be pretty fun.
      Britney knows a way I can send it in somewhere and get a hard copy of it. I might do that so it stays in good condition. AGhhhh, one day maybe ;)