Friday, October 3, 2014

Dig into the Word

Bible Question: (for school)
What would attract someone to the worship of an idol?

      For some reason, worshiping an idol underneath God just seems to grab at you and draw you in, and the temptations are like a storm in the ocean, big waves crashing over you, and you can see where the storm ends, but can't get to it. Living a life of temptation and idol worship is the path that is chosen more often, people find it more easy and fun, than trying to live and walk in Christ's footsteps, But out of that path, comes nothing good. The only path that is fruitful, is one following the Lord.

                                                       Just a bit of October writing for you!

I whipped this up last night to cool down from my long day at CBA

So grateful Driver's Ed is finished. Thursdays would get really long from being at CBA and then straight into Driver's Ed for three hours.

I made this on Monday for a dear friend of mine.
So grateful I got to give her a hug yesterday.
And I can't wait to give this to her.

Advanced Creative Drawing at  CBA has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone in art. 
I've been given challenges I haven't had to face before, but it's a great way to make me grow in this wonderful hobby.

A lot of people in class saw this and really liked it.
I don't see it....haha.
It's not really my style, soo it stretched me I guess.

I typically feel a little happy with my work if it's something about nature, I didn't really connect with the carnival one because everything in the picture is man-made.
It was still fun to play with though!

Today's the day we go pick up Holly!
How I wish the hours would go just a little bit faster.



  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    You are an amazing artist. You just are. I wish I could paint like that.
    And your October hand-lettering? It's SO beautiful! I love the twisted branches in the corners! You inspired me to do some more hand-letterings!

    Give that puppy a hug from me!!! ^_^ So excited for you <3

    1. Oh my gracious, thank you so much! That means a lot <3
      Seriously, just go out and get some basic watercolors with a coupon at a craft store. They make art look so lovely!!

      Yeshh, hand lettering is the bestest.
      I must make another post an show you guys one of my latest for my art class. I shocked myself using ink :P

      Aghh! I did! (Give her a hug for you...haha she loved it)

    2. Aw you're welcome! <3
      I think I'll stick to colored pencils...even those scare me!
      Cool! Yes you must show us!
      Awwww ^_^

  2. I LOVE your October writing/drawing!! :D
    I agree with you Livvie. You ARE an amazing artist Stephanie! :)
    How's the puppy doing? Is she cute? (like that's even a question...;)
    Have a great night! :)

    1. Aww, thank you Megs! ^_^ you guys are so sweet...oh my goodness.
      Holly's doing just fine! She rode home on my lap and she's taken a few naps in my arms. I'll have to post some new pictures of her asap!
      And yes, she is the cutest ever. The puppish puppy that ever puppied.

  3. Ahhahaa two comments ^_^ I am overwhelmed.