Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yearbook Workshop

I decided it's been a long time since I've posted. Let's seeeeee.....what has happened lately?

Most recently was the CBA Yearbook Workshop. We have 12 staffers this year and.... we're all girls! Our teacher said that this is a very odd year because normally boys dominate the yearbook staff.

                The first day was photography, so we all got a half hour outside taking pictures.

I had Rachel run down the driveway and Maureen, who was closest to the camera, hold out her hand and look down, and had Rachel put her hands on her hips and look up.
I think it turned out looking really cool!

The first day a half hour before the workshop was over, we all got oversized t-shirts and were told to refashion them for a fashion show the following day.
I had just told Rachel that it would be really cool if our t-shirts this year said "Oh Snap!" And had a camera logo. Therefore, I made one myself.
and hashtag: we're all in this together (from high school musical)

And while everyone else was making a shirt, I went out of the box and made a bag.
And goodness everyone was saying I was going to win, I had the creativity part down,
but not the presentation part, they brought out two more lady teachers from CBA, and that made it even more nerve-wrecking to walk the runway, I admit, I sped through, and my bag was a little more than a blur to them, by the time I was off, the yearbook rep was still reading the card about what I created. whoopsies.  

The Staff:

After the photo above, our teacher asked if anybody had anymore picture ideas, I piped up and said that I did.
And she told me to arrange everyone the way I wanted.
I got to set up the picture below! Eeee! 
(It's supposed to be like we're standing in an arrow form.)

All in all, I'm really excited to see what our staff can put together this year.
We've got our theme down, but that's a secret.

Our wonderful teacher and the 5 editors are getting together separately before CBA classes start to iron out some quirks and figure out our theme more.


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  1. Aww that looks like so much fun! I love the first and last pictures - wonderful work!!!

    I adore the two pictures of you and Mandie on the sidebar <3 <3 <3