Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow, Guppies, and Fire!

I sort of blanked out for a blog title....can you tell?

We have gotten so much snow in these past two weeks! Last Wednesday I was completely stressing out while studying for my biology midterm happening the next day. I had heard about the huge snow storm coming our way, threatening to cancel Thursday Classes, but I didn't want to shrug off studying just because it was supposed to snow.
But around 6pm Wednesday night my Thursday Class friends were posting on Facebook about the school system that Thursday Classes follows were closed!
I wasn't completely convinced until I checked the Thursday Class website that confirmed that Thursday Classes would be cancelled. Yay!! I mean, my midterm is still happening, rescheduled to this Thursday. But I had an extra week to study! And I've really been needing a week off...so that was nice.

Just look at all that snow!
See our cute little snowman? I should've shaped him to look like Olaf!
I've been feeling a little older lately. Besides the fact that I just turned sixteen....I've been doing things I've never done before. Such as, I've been starting to help take care of the fire.
Look at that gorgeous flame! I did that!
It's crazy, my older sister still has never put wood in the stove before.
I was a little scared when I did it the first time. I had a metal stick (some woodstove tool dad keeps next to the fire) and I had my dad's wood stove gloves on. And I only put in two pieces. But I've gotten better at it since then.
Ooo! I had a funny question the other day. If waterproof gloves caught on fire, how would you put the fire out? (Ha.ha.ha....'cause they're waterproof? Ha.ha. Okay..I'm done.)
We got Percy's ( my decease betta fish) tank going back up for my birthday.
These little guys are guppies! I got three and named them: Coral, Fiji, and Reef.
(Yeah....I still name my fish...haha)
I've never had guppies before, so it's been a ton of fun to watch them swim around.
I'm still reading 'The Royal Ranger' by John Flanagan. I'm on chapter 25! Yay!
I love this crisp, cold weather. But I'm kind of looking forward to school getting out so I can read more.
My mom gave me her old spoon ring that Nana had given her when she was little.
It was all tarnished when mom gave it to me, so I cleaned it up with toothpaste and it's all shiny now!
Welp, I better go. Studying to do! Fire to keep up! Fish to feed!


  1. Aww wittle fishies!
    Oh my goodness...we used to have that exact same snowman kit! I think we lost all of the pieces over the years tho =P
    Haha...you're brave...I'm too scared to mess with our woodstove.
    Guess what.........
    I'm going to see Frozen for a fourth time!!!!!
    Before you mark me as totally crazy, allow me to explain myself. My friend saw it once and wanted to go again, but had no one to go see it with, so I asked if she wanted to go with me on Sunday. Of course, this is all depending if it's still in theaters by the time we go...it's playing at our Cinemagic right now (i checked), but there's a chance they'll finally get rid of it any day.

    Love your post! =D It was written so happily and cheered me up!
    We have like three feet of snow now...aaahhh! And it's stiiilllll going!
    I'm loving it, but I think everyone else is tired of it.
    Let's go stop Elsa and bring back summer! Erp...I mean...Spring!(?)

    1. Aww, I'm so glad this post made you happy! I've been feeling really happy recently (:
      Haha, I love the snow! But I am slightly looking forward to spring. It's so cheerful, and the days are so bright (and warm)

      Whatt! That's awesome! We lost the kit's nose, so we had to improvise with a carrot...haha (;

      Wait, seriously? Gahh, that's amazing. I already want to watch Frozen again. You can get it on dvd off of amazon on March 18th. I was originally going to ask for it for Christmas...but I don't know if I can wait that long to see it again!

  2. Aww that's so awesome! =D

    Yea I guess spring would be nice...I've been wanting to talk a walk and see Daisy, but there's too much snow on the road to walk!

    Nope, scratch that...Frozen isn't playing in any local theaters anymore, so we can't go =P But I'm actually sorta happy, 'cause I don't want to get tired of it before I see it with my family on dvd! 26 days...not too long!

  3. Aw, I was just thinking about Daisy the other day! (=

    That stinks that Frozen isn't playing anymore. But you're right! You don't want to get tired of it! :P