Friday, November 15, 2013

Me through the ages...


Me through the ages at my homeschool umbrella group!
It's so funny sometimes to glance back and see how much I've changed in just four years...enjoy!

7th grade! My year of skinny jeans and big earrings with short and straightened hair.
8th grade! My year of naturally curly hair.
Freshman year! My first year of highschool!
Sophomore year! The proofs were just sent to yearbook staffers today!
I think the most recent is my favorite. It's the only one so far that you can clearly see my eye color.
Not only have I changed physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.
These last four years of CBA have strengthened me in so many ways.
School may be overwhelming this year, but there's always one year in highschool to everyone that is just overbearing.
 I'm halfway through the school year and I can finish it off with soring grades!
(But not until I've had Christmas break....haha)


  1. You got the proofs! What fun. :D And you do look adorable - and old. We're growing up, Steph. :( haha <3

  2. Aww thanks guys! You are too, Olivia! (; Katrina- I know right! Next year we're juniors...:O