Tuesday, July 1, 2014


My very first wood project is complete!
I faced the scary wood cutter and sander!
I sliced my fingers a bit working with the sharp edges on the sander, but it was worth it!

I added a bit of stain to them all to antique them.

Then, since I didn't want to crack the wood, I glued the street signs to the board.

Do you like it?
It's happily sitting on my dresser now, directing me to Middle Earth!

Sadly, the time came and went for me to take my goldfish over to Nana's pond.
They had outgrown their 5 gallon aquarium.
I never knew how much I would miss them until they were in the bucket heading over to her house.
Seriously, they were the most annoying, dirty fish in the world.
But I loved them!

I didn't want them to deal with temperature change shock, so I held them in the water like this for about 20 minutes until the water temperatures were about the same.

Going free!!
The "runt" of the aquarium was the first to explore and meet Nana's big koi fish!
The bullies were less excited to explore and stayed in the same place for a while.

Nana's got a little skinny frog living in her pond!

And has so many nice looking plants:

Cloud Appreciation:

Wanna know a secret? Clouds make me really, super happy.

Dad took off work yesterday and we hiked Sugarloaf Mountain!
My family let me take the lead and had a hard time keeping up with me.
It was so refreshing. I couldn't make myself go slower!

These steps reminded me of Shelob's Lair in the Lord of the Rings, up up up they went! 

The view!

Look at her face.
Just look at it!

I keep getting frequent visits at my window sill!

And we've got a little baby bunny living under the pine tree in our front yard!
Can you spot him hopping in action?

I got some more guppies!
Top to Bottom:
Amber, Vanilla, and Demetrie.
Sorry I couldn't get a better picture!
Water shots are hard!

I've kept busy doodling!
I get distracted while cooking for lunch and doodle on our weekly calender.

Olivia- This was going to be on the back of the envelope for your latest letter.
But I couldn't part ways with it!

I woke up at 4 am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I sketched out Nancy Drew.

I know I have more doodles tucked everywhere in my room.
I've been so inspired lately!!

How's everybody's Summer going?
Fourth of July plans?



  1. Aah such a happy post! =D
    Beautiful Middle Earth signs!!
    Haha the stairs, up up up they go!
    Clouds are amazing if you stop to think about it...water in the form of fluffy pillows and wisps of mist, stuck way up in the sky for us to enjoy? Amazing.
    LOVE THE DRAWINGS! Lemonade and Coffee, and the girl with the books! ^_^
    Wild bunny wabbit! Awww Mandy =)
    I think we're staying home for the 4th and going to see out town's fireworks show at night (we have a great spot to park away from the crowds;))

  2. I love clouds! ^_^ So lovely!
    Great drawings, I like the Coffee one too! :)
    Whoa, your guppies! The bottom one looks almost exactly like mine! And the top, like my sister's!! :O Cool! :D
    It's been so hot here, I've almost literally done what "Frozen things do in Summer! In SUUUMMMMEEEERRRRR!" ;D
    Me and my family stayed at home this 4th. That evening we ate popcorn, and watched National Treasure 1 & 2! :) Have either one of you watched them?
    Have a great day! :)

    1. Haha in summeeeer! It cooled off over night and turned out to be a gorgeous day!! Hope the weather is better for you soon!
      I love National Treasure! Did you know they're thinking about doing a third one? =D
      Sounds like a great way to spend the 4th!
      It rained and thundered here, so we didn't do anything really. But the next day, we went to see HTTYD2! And we saw some fireworks on the way home =D
      Have a wonderful start of the weekend!

    2. It's gonna be 95ish tomorrow. :/ And I'll be volunteering at Fort Vancouver. And even worse, I'll be wearing a CORSET! D: ;) Actually, they aren't that bad, just not very comfortable in the blazing heat. ;)
      But it SHOULD cool down after NEXT Wednesday... :P
      Yes! I can't wait for National Treasure 3!! =D Me an' my sis's have been anticipating it for quite awhile now! ;) Oh, fun! A cool movie and a cool fireworks show. :)
      Have a wonderful weekend too! :D

  3. AHHH! Comments! How did I miss this??? :D

    Olivia- Thank you! I had so much fun making it!
    I KNOWW. Clouds fascinate me everyday. I don't even try to hide it in public when I exclaim to my mom how gorgeous they are.
    Thank you!! <3

    Megs- Thank you, thank you! Whhatt? I didn't know you have guppies! They're the sweetest fish in the world!
    Yes, yes, yes! National treasure is one of my favorite movies. I wish more movies were so cleverly put together, you know?
    How was wearing a corset? I bet it was actually kind of fun!

    1. You are welcome! :)
      Yep! I love guppies! ^_^
      I know, right? National Treasure is amazing! :D
      Yep, actually wasn't as hot as I had expected, so I survived. ;) Yeah, my family thought that I was crazy to want to wear my corset on that hot of a day, but I made it! It is fun to wear a corset, just as long as I don't tighten it too much it's good... ;)
      Guess what! On the 26th we're volunteering at the Fort for the annual 1867 base ball game!!! :D You know what that means? Hoopskirts!! I love hoopskirts! This will be the first time I've got to wear one! (besides when I tried it on for size... ;)
      Have a great week! :D

  4. I love your wood project! Anything LOTR catches my eye, really, but what you made were fantastic. :) And lovely drawings too!