Sunday, December 22, 2013

Festive Cake

      My Aunt DaNita was having a Christmas party with her coworkers and none of them wanted to make or bring a cake to the party. And how can you have a party without a cake? So Aunt DaNita asked if I would make them a  red velvet cake, and they would reimburse us for the ingredients.
I haven't decorated a cake in a while, but I told her I would.

Words from my Nana echoed through my head as I said I would decorate the cake.
"You have to keep up with making cakes, or you start to forget how to do it."

And....the last cake I decorated was.....hmmm....back in June or July?

Sadly enough, I was really regretting having to decorate a cake for them. Everything gets so busy in December, and this was just something to add to it.

So at first I was just going to crush up candy canes and sprinkle that on the sides and the top of the cake.

But then I sat down and sketched out my own idea:

I kind of shocked myself that I came up with  a good plan in under 5 minutes.
I watched a poinsettia flower tutorial on youtube, and then made my own.

Ahh, I would say it turned out pretty well, being that I really didn't want to do this anyway!
It was fun to make and decorate a cake again.


  1. WHOA. O.o (that's my 'incredulous' face)
    That. Is. Beautiful.

  2. Aww!! Thank you so much!! ^__^ (that's my blushing face)